‘Singles Going Home Alone’ Update : Wounded Lion 7″ Coming In July

Devoted/obsessive/desperate readers of this blog will recall back in mid December when we announced the launch of the Matador subscription 7″ series, aka ‘Singles Going Home Alone’ (Matador’s Singles Going Home Alone ; A Concept Of Staggering Unoriginality (But You’ll Still Wanna Sign Up) . Earlier this month, we released the first edition in the 2012 series, a split between Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks and peers/pals LA Guns.

(photo by Joseph O’Neil)

The purpose of this note is to remind you this is a limited edition series and if you don’t sign up soon, subsequent editions will be lost to the mysterious world of eBay, lopsided trades and brutal price gouging.  And that’s just the shit I’ll be putting you through with my extra copies.   If you sign up now, you’ll still get the Jicks/LA Guns curio masterpiece and you’re enlisted right in time for a March 7″ from Austin’s OBN III’s, a May 2012 single from The Men (Brooklyn)  and you’ll also receive two new songs in July from WOUNDED LION (above), the oft-instrumental-trading, genius quintet from Los Angeles whose two In The Red albums were amongst the finest of 2010 and 2011 respectively.

SGHA participants #5 and #6 will be revealed soon. But by then, it might be WAY TOO LATE for you.  So stop fucking around and give us your money.    (thanks)