Happy Record Store Day!!!

Though nothing about the below image makes me happy, I couldn’t resist sharing this photo of Steve Knutson (Rough Trade/Audika) and I wating in line for Other Music to open this morning.

On the brightest New York morning of the year so far, this is what a couple of geeks look like getting ready to SPEND SOME MONEY ON RECORDS!!!!

Matador’s Record Store Day specials were slung under many an arm at Other, get to your local record store today!

Happy Record Store Day kidsssss!!!!!!!!

Steve threw me a life vest and saved my Record Store Day!
Steve threw me a life vest and saved my Record Store Day!

RSD 2009 : God Save The Slightly Overweight Boney M Completists

About a year ago, I attempted to explain — citing pivotal incidents from my own thrilling personal life — just how important records stores were in my formative years. Were it not for being asked “do you work here?” too frequently at a couple of ’em, I could very well sign over my paycheck to a couple of these lovely establishments, whom I regularly liken to our nation’s most savvy cultural documentarians (either that or very benevolent drug pushers).

That said, my own homage to record stores in no way measures up to a screed composed by Chicago resident Steve Albini for a Reckless Records advertisement earlier this week (h/t, Chicago Reader, Peter Margasak).

Exclusive records AND live music…man, we rule!

Oh how we love thee, dearest Record Store Day. 

As if a Live Pavement LP, a Sonic Youth/Jay Reatard 7″ AND a Sonic Youth/Beck 7″ weren’t enough, we’re spreading the love with some live instore performances.  If you live in or around Memphis or Columbus, be sure to check out Jay Reatard or Times New Viking kicking it RSD style. 

(Picture taken from http://jp917.blogspot.com/)

Jay Reatard Live Instore

Saturday April 18 (known aliases: Record Store Day)

Goner Records 5:30pm

2152 Young Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee 


Picture taken from http://wexarts.org/wexblog/?m=200702
(Picture taken from http://wexarts.org/wexblog/?m=200702)

Times New Viking Live Instore

Saturday April 18 (known to his friends and loved ones as Record Store Day)

3pm @ Used Kids Records

1980 N. High Street in Columbus Ohio

Coming April 18 : Matador, Sonic Youth, Jay Reatard, Pavement & Beck Wanna Know, “Why Can’t Every Day Be Record Store Day”?

(above : Empire Records‘ Anthonly La Paglia consoles a tearful Renee Z. after the cancellation of the Chain Gang in-store)

In honor the 2nd annual Record Store Day, we’ll be releasing the following limited edition vinyl titles, only available at independent retailers taking part in RSD.

OLE-864-7   Jay Reatard “Hang Them All” 7″ b/w  Sonic Youth – “No Garage”
OLE-865-7    Sonic Youth – “Pay No Mind” (Beck cover)  b/w  Beck – “Green Light”  (Sonic Youth cover) 7″
OLE-855-1    Pavement    Live In Germany    LP

We’re making 2500 each of the above.  After they’re gone, as the Bard Of Hookset, NH might’ve said (if he collected records), tough fuckin’ shit.

Record Store Day: extended version. Part One: Reckless Records

Hi Matablog Readers!

I started a tour today supporting Jamie Lidell and I’m in Chicago at the Abbey Pub awaiting soundcheck. Because I enjoyed participating in Record Store Day so much earlier this year, I’ve decided to visit local record stores in some of the cities we are playing and find out the answers to some important questions. This is my way of continuing to celebrate all the awesome record stores throughout the country. 

Today, we went to Reckless Records in Wicker Park and talked with Dan.

Dan and I

JO’C: How long have you worked at Reckless?

Dan: About 4 years.

JO’C: What did you have for lunch?

Dan: A chicken flatbread sandwich from 7-11.

JO’C: Do you have favorite restaurant in the area?

Dan: I’m not really a foodie, but I like this Middle Eastern place down the street called Sultan’s Market.

JO’C: Do you have a favorite record of all-time and if so, what is it?

Dan: Hmmmm……

JO’C: Am I putting you on the spot? We can come back to this one.

Dan: Ok, let’s come back to it.

JO’C: What record are you guys selling a lot of this week?

Dan: The new Portishead.

JO’C: Any thoughts on your fave record yet?

Dan: I’ll say Daydream Nation, but if you ask me tomorrow, it might be something else.

JO’C: Fair enough. Anything you’d like to add, that you’d like the Matablog readers to know?

Dan: I don’t think so.

JO’C: Ok. Thanks for talking to me. I think those are all the hard-hitting questions I have.

Ok! Tomorrow is Toronto and if we have time….we’ll be hitting up a store there too.

JO’C, record-store-reporter, signing off.


Do They Know It’s Record Store Day?

On my trip up to SUNY Purchase this weekend to see Fucked Up I stopped off in Port Chester, the last town in New York on the Long Island Sound before you hit the Connecticut border. To my and Dean’s surprise, the town is totally Latin American now… almost all the businesses were Peruvian, Ecuadorean, Colombian or Mexican. Pupuserias, grosserias, a “meateria” and lots of long-distance phone card places. We had a nice Peruvian meal – half pollo a la brasa, that spicy green sauce, some potatoes in a thick yellow sauce with half hard-boiled eggs, sopa de pescado, and Mexican coke (made with sugar instead of corn syrup).

Of course it was Record Store Day and we wished we could have visited Vinyl Solution but it went out of business a long time ago, so instead we checked out 2 bootleg CDR/DVD shops with tons of chicha and cumbia CDRs. We tried to explain to the owners that it was Record Store Day but our Spanish wasn’t good enough, and that made me think that someone should record a song called “Do They Know It’s Record Store Day?” and we will give a special Matador prize to the best version. Submit MP3s to [email protected], please. (Only of that song.)

The cultural contrast between Port Chester and Purchase (and especially the town in between, Harrison) was extreme, even more Greenwich to the north of it. I need to get out to the suburbs more – they’re getting weirder.

What Record Store Day Means To Me – A Personal Journey

Much has been written about Record Store Day, and while I’m loathe to get all gushy in public, even for a significant cause such as this, it might be an appropriate time to add a very personal note.

Every now and then, Chris and myself are asked by young persons or hungry-4-facts journalists just how we got our respective starts in the music industry. Chris, as you all know, was the first helmsman to be banned from the America’s Cup for using performance enhancing drugs. His subsequent tell-all, ‘Juiced : On A Boat’, while critically panned, was a huge best-seller in 1989. Along with receiving rightful credit for the widesweeping changes-to-come in competitive sailing, Chris used the book’s profits to finance Matador’s earliest recordings.

My own roots are a tad less spectacular. For one crazy summer, I worked in my hometown record store. It wasn’t as big or as successful as Music Town, but it really had a terrific vibe. My boss, Joe Reeves (above, right), was a really inspiring kind of guy. I hear he’s moved on to things other than music, but I’ll always remember the way he kept the store alive, much the way I’ll always remember all the great music I was turned onto by the rest of the staff. Toad The Wet Sprocket. Better Than Ezra….ok, actually, I can’t remember any others. But surely that’s enough.

It was an awesome work environment and I’ve done everything possible to try and recall the ethos of that cool indie shop and try to apply it to the important work we do every day at Matador Records and Filmworks. I even wanted to borrow the store’s old slogan, “We’re Selling Music, But We’re Not Selling Out”, but Patrick argued it was kind of a dumb cliche. I dunno. I guess you had to be there. That’s the difference between me and him. I still remember what it was like to hear Toad The Wet Sprocket for the first time.

Anyhow, enjoy Record Store Day. And if you know of any cities or states where this occasion isn’t being marked, please let us know and we’ll make sure U2 never play there again.

Go visit a record store today

Record stores are what Matador has always been about, and there are still 2400 of them across the US. Today is Record Store Day, and hundreds of stores, big and small, are celebrating with discounts, freebies, limited-edition specials, and live performances, DJ gigs and counter-manning stints by bands and artists.

As I’ve argued in another post on this blog, a lot of us buy records because we love records, not just music. And we love the experience of spending money and accumulating stuff. Screw all this “community of the store” shit — my idea of a good time is being down on my knees, covered in dust, and going through box after box of LPs that nobody has looked at (or re-priced in years). It’s all still out there, and you can have that experience too. Get off your ass and do it!

Random single from the collection #5

It’s especially nice that I grabbed this 1985 single on the day before Record Store Day, since Richmond’s Honor Role was helmed by the great Bob Schick, who runs the Plan 9 Records stores in Virginia. Be sure to visit one of them tomorrow.

This 7″ cooks and is a great example of the kind of complexity that hardcore developed into during the mid-’80s. Penn Rollings’ guitar playing is sui generis. Quiz question: what superhip current band’s vocalist sounds quite a bit like Bob?