Jay Reatard single #4: split 7″ with Deerhunter

The fourth single in Matador’s series of limited-editions by Jay Reatard is a split 7″ with Atlanta’s Deerhunter. The A-side is Jay covering Deerhunter’s “Flourescent Grey,” and the B-side is Deerhunter covering Jay’s “Oh, It’s Such A Shame.”

The cover photo, taken by our own The Judge at May’s All Tomorrow’s Parties in Camber Sands, can be seen above.

OLE-819 will be in stores on July 22.

Our webstore preorder time and date will be: BASTILLE DAY — Monday, July 14 at 3:00 PM EDT.

Remember, if you miss the preorder, check your local stores. You can also buy the single digitally (MP3 or FLAC) from the webstore. And all six 7″es will be compiled on an LP/CD to be released this fall.

Here is the summary of the singles so far:

#1, See/Saw / Screaming Hand — April 8
#2, Painted Shut / An Ugly Death — May 20
#3, Always Wanting More / You Mean Nothing To Me — June 24
#4, Flourescent Grey (Jay Reatard) / Oh, It’s Such A Shame (Deerhunter) — July 22

July-August tour dates:

Sun 7/13 – Baltimore MD – Sonar
Mon 7/14 – Philadelphia PA – Johnny Brenda’s
Tue 7/15 – Brooklyn nY – Prospect Park (w/ Spoon)
Thu 7/17 – Providence RI – Lupo’s (w/ Spoon)
Sat 7/19 – Chicago IL – Pitchfork Late Night Show (w/ King Khan and the Shrines, Cheap Time)
Sat 7/19 – Chicago IL – Pitchfork Festival
Mon 7/21 – Minneapolis MN – Triple Rock
Tue 7/22 – Fargo ND – The Aquarium
Fri 7/25 – Seattle WA – Capitol Hill Block Party
Sat 7/26 – Vancouver BC – Commodore Ballroom
Tue 7/29 – San Francisco CA – The Independent
Wed 7/30 – Los Angeles CA – Echo
Thu 7/31 – San Diego CA – Casbah
Fri 8/1 – Mesa AZ – Hollywood Alley
Sun 8/3 – Austin TX – Red 7(w/ Cheap Time)
Mon 8/4 – Dallas TX – Club Dada

Gentlemen (& Gentlewomen), Let The Bitching Begin : Paste’s 17 Best Record Stores In America

With a flair for the aribtrary not seen since Ronald Thomas Clonte’s ‘Rock, Rot And Rule’ hit the bookstores, Paste‘s attempts to rank the nation’s top 17 record shoppes is bound to generate some cheap traffic to this blog and at least a half dozen comments between now and 5pm.

  • Amoeba Records, Los Angeles, CA
  • Criminal Records, Atlanta, GA
  • Other Music, New York City
  • Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art, Clarksdale, MS
  • Waterloo Records, Austin, TX
  • Aquarius Records, San Francisco, CA
  • Dusty Groove America, Chicago, IL
  • Ernest Tubb Record Shop, Nashville, TN
  • Shangri-La Records, Memphis, TN
  • Music Millennium, Portland, OR
  • Ear X-Tacy, Louisville, KY
  • Louisiana Music Factory, New Orleans, LA
  • Newbury Comics, Boston, MA
  • Grimey’s New + Pre-Loved Music, Nashville, TN
  • Turntable Lab, New York City
  • The Electric Fetus, Minneapolis, MN
  • Jerry’s Records, Pittsburgh, PA

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I am personally saddened that my own favorite neighborhood dealer-of-things-at-high-volume failed to make the cut.   But enough about Empire Records, End Of An Ear oughta be pissed off, too.

Jay Reatard “Always Wanting More” PRE-ORDER Up NOW

Jay Reatard- OLE 818 Small

The third 7″ in Jay Reatard’s Matador singles series, “Always Wanting More b/w You Mean Nothing To Me”, is up for pre-order RIGHT NOW. Because of the extremely limited quantity of this record we will only honor one copy per customer.

The sleeve design, by Lindsay Shutt, comes in a clear plastic sleeve with Dangerhouse-style paper half-insert; the disc is clear one-sided vinyl with both tracks on the a-side and a silkscreen design printed directly onto the b-side. In short, ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Note, because printing a record without a center label often results in an enlarged center hole, you’ll have to carefully center the record on the spindle before playing. We’re also including a FREE MP3 download of each song with purchase (a download coupon is enclosed with each record)


(Back Cover)


Jay Reatard- Painted Shut Pre-Order Starts 3pm TODAY

The second 7″ in Jay Reatard’s singles series for Matador Records & Filmworks, “Painted Shut” b/w “An Ugly Death” will be available for pre-order at 3PM Eastern Time. As with the last record, quantities are extremely limited so we can only honor one copy per order.

This record features features artwork by Mike Sniper.

Order HERE

Go visit a record store today

Record stores are what Matador has always been about, and there are still 2400 of them across the US. Today is Record Store Day, and hundreds of stores, big and small, are celebrating with discounts, freebies, limited-edition specials, and live performances, DJ gigs and counter-manning stints by bands and artists.

As I’ve argued in another post on this blog, a lot of us buy records because we love records, not just music. And we love the experience of spending money and accumulating stuff. Screw all this “community of the store” shit — my idea of a good time is being down on my knees, covered in dust, and going through box after box of LPs that nobody has looked at (or re-priced in years). It’s all still out there, and you can have that experience too. Get off your ass and do it!

Vanishing NY on Starbucks’ Reappearing Old Logo

Why is Starbucks bringing its vagina dentata out of hiding and into plain sight right now? Maybe they were inspired by the hilarious and brilliant film Teeth. Maybe they hope consumers are more comfortable with exhibitionism than they used to be. Maybe they’re thinking sex sells.

But more likely, they’re frightened and in need of protection.

Images of women exposing their genitals were used by primitive peoples to drive away evil spirits, calm rough seas, and scare away enemies with the threat of castration. In the face of a recession, Starbucks is banking on the power of the vagina dentata to work its ancient magic and keep the wolf from their door. – Jeremiah Moss, Vanishing New York

There’s a Chock Full O’ Nuts joke in here somewhere, but it’s way too early on a Wednesday morning.

New Matador Store is LIVE


We’re very happy to announce the newest incarnation of the Matador Store is now up and running. We embed ourselves even more comfortably in the digital age by offering digital (MP3 and FLAC) downloads in addition to a nicer, easier to navigate look and loads of other geeked-out features.

* Mp3s (256k) and FLAC (lossless) files. Can we say that they’re encoded at a higher bit rate than iTunes? Because they are.
*Sample files of everything in our digital catalog
*Digital files are fully integrated with Songbird and will put the downloads you’ve purchased directly into your Songbird “Purchased Playlist” as well as allow you to easily browse and listen to sample files.
* A download helper for both MAC and PC to improve the experience of downloading singles and albums

Please note that this is a soft launch of the digital store and we’ll have a more comprehensive version of the digital catalog (along with a mess of draped up and dripped out features) next Wednesday.
Store Snapshot

Jay Reatard- See/Saw Pre-Order Starts TODAY

Jay Reatard- See/Saw

The first 7″ in Jay Reatard’s singles series for Matador, “See Saw” b/w “Screaming Hand”, goes up for pre-order TODAY at 3pm Eastern Time. Because of the extremely limited quantity of this record we will only honor one copy per customer so plans to stockpile these and send your kids to college isn’t going to work this time around. Also, once they’re gone, they’re gone so don’t dilly-dally!!


Random single from the collection #4

Random single #4 is actually good: Australia’s Leftovers, performing the classic “Cigarettes and Alcohol,” a track which really strips life down to the necessities. Jesper has been known to clamor for this one at Yo La Tengo shows, but I can’t remember whether they actually ever played it.

N.B. There is no picture sleeve for this extremely sought-after item.