Yo La Tengo’s Continued Covers For Cash Campaign On WFMU, Sunday at 5pm

Happening this coming Sunday (March 2) on WFMU :

“From 5-8pm Gaylord Fields and Bob Brainen mark the halfway point of the WFMU fundraising Marathon by once again enlisting Yo La Tengo to take your calls, pledges and most importantly cover song requests, which will then be brought to life over the air! The band’s long history with the WFMU Marathon has proven that Yo La Tengo is unstoppable, and tonight’s show is a special longer 3-hour broadcast just in case that extended version of “Hocus Pocus” comes up. Gaylord co-hosts the rest of Bob’s show from 8-9pm after the band packs up as well. “

If you’re feeling like donating loot to the only non-profitable organization I’ve ever supported besides Father Bruce Ritter’s “Mittens For Boys” campaign, here’s where you can do so.

Cat Power, Live On WNYC Today

WNYC’s John Schaefer will have Chan Marshall in the studio, playing live today on “Soundcheck” at 2pm eastern.  For those outside (or inside) New York, WNYC’s programming  is available via Windows Media Player or iTunes, so you’ve got no excuse to tell us you couldn’t hear it (unless you work at a record label on Hudson Street that was having meetings most of the day).

Jennifer O’Connor Takes The Covers For Cash Route To Benefit WPRB

WPRB’s Jon Solomon forwards the following :

See the nice lady above these words? Her name is Jennifer O’Connor and she had a record out on Matador last year that was one of my favorite releases of 2006.

Jennifer will be coming back to WPRB on Wednesday, October 10th to play live on-air during my 2007 WPRB Membership Drive show. She and I were instant messaging yesterday and Jennifer said she would be happy to try and play a slew of covers in exchange for listener pledges during this special program.

However, Jennifer needs some advance warning to try and learn these songs!


If you pledge $103.30 at pledge.wprb.com, you’ll not only get a WPRB shirt and your choice of tote bag or hoodie, but you also can ask Jennifer to play a song for you. Make sure you contact me about what cover you would like to hear.

She’s game.

I’m game.

Are you?


Jon Solomon

Ps. Anyone want to pony up for Jennifer to cover “The Death Of Pop” by The Rub?

Hello, Santa Monica – The New Pornographers On Morning Becomes Eclectic

In the midst of a North American tour alongside Lavender Diamond and in support of album-of-the-year candidate 'Challengers', the New Pornographers will stop by KCRW tomorrow THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20 at 11:15 am pacific daylight time (2:15 pm for those toiling at 304 Hudson) for a live performance on "Morning Becomes Eclectic"

For those in or outside of the greater Los Angeles area, the show is available online via iTunes, Real Player or Windows Media. We should warn you, however, that all of the aforementioned applications require the use of a computer. 

Cash For Chaos : Yo La Tengo Back In The Murder Biz, WFMU Tomorrow Night


After a triumphant tour of Japan and Australia, Yo La Tengo return to their native New Jersey tomorrow, just in time to be slapped into slave labor on behalf of Jersey City's WFMU.  As they've done for many years now, Ira, Georgia and James (shown above with Bruce Bennett and intrepid host Gaylord Fields) will be playing requests for CASH DONATIONS live on WFMU, Friday Night, March 16, from 8-11pm eastern standard time, with the live webcast available in Real Audio, Windows Media and MP3 streams.  Psue Braun's show is being bumrushed for the occasion, so please dig deep. 

Reich in the Freak Zone

image via wikipedia 

Lack of funds, time and all sorts of other obstacles kept me from attending any of the Steve Reich 70th Birthday celebrations at the Barbican, so yesterday's Freak Zone on BBC 6Music was especially agonising, as Reich himself dropped by to discuss his major works. 

If you're a Reich fan (and I sincerely hope you are), you can listen to the show here.

Personally, I find it really heartening that BBC's 'indie' radio station can actually spend a show celebrating a modern composer when they're not playing Italian 60s jazz rock, monster psychedelia, soundtrack funk and pastoral folk.

Brightblack are soooo going to fit in when they're on the show on the 5th November.  

Learning Something New Every Day

Yo La Tengo’s Ira Kaplan is being interviewed on WNYC’s “Soundcheck” at this very moment by John Schaefer.

Earlier in the program, a researcher from the University of Leicester was asked to characterize the typical Yo La Tengo fan.  He presumed that he or she would be highly educated, not particuarly highly-paid, and most curiously, not a pet owner.

With all due respect, what the fuck?

Injecting Ethical Debate Into Discussion Of Bands Who Aren’t Very Good

example a, from Greg Kot’s Lollapalooza coverage in the Chicago Tribune :

1:12 p.m.: Subways singer Billy Lunn leads his U.K. trio in a set that is high on energy, low on innovation with three-chord anthems that make Oasis sound like progressive-rock. Lunn complains about the state of U.S. commercial radio and blames it all on payola. He should know. His Warner Brothers record label just paid $10 million in fines as a result of a payola investigation by New York State Atty. Gen. Eliot Spitzer.

example b, Her Jazz’ Maria on Phoenix, French Kicks and the A-Sides performing at a Camel cigarettes sponsored event.

I’m not going to mention the health issues surrounding smoking at all. Nope, not one peep from me. However, I will politely point out that Camel’s parent company, Reynolds American Inc., has donated 87% of its political contributions to the Republican party. Conservativecocainesexjams all night long! Enlist with the party train soldiers! Get rad in Iraq! And with all the smoking going down tomorrow night, no one will notice how truly crappy Phoenix or the French Kicks are. As Philabuster pointed out, the French Kicks couldn’t even fill the North Star last time around. What sort of dumbass in Camel’s marketing thinks they can pack a 1,000-person venue? And how many years has it been since they’ve written anything remotely worthwhile?