Algiers – New Dates With “Burn To Shine” Screenings

(photo : Titouan Massé)

Algiers have announced a run of East Coast tour dates that will be accompanied by screenings of the sixth installment of Brendan Canty (Fugazi) and Christoph Green’s Burn To Shine film series. After being delayed for nearly a decade, Burn To Shine 6: Atlanta will premiere on April 9th at The EARL in Atlanta, with performances by Algiers and Moon Diagrams (Moses Archuleta of Deerhunter).

The filmmakers and Algiers will then take the screenings up the East Coast (the latter’s full list of tour dates below includes Coachella and Panorama Festival), with the film available at following the April 13th screening in NYC

Producer Brendan Canty and Director Christoph Green filmed 6 editions of Burn To Shine with their roving crew of shooters and audio geeks between 2004 and 2007, which included the likes of Wilco, Sleater-Kinney, Shellac, The Shins, Eddie Vedder, Tortoise, Will Oldham, Ted Leo, and many more.

Burn To Shine 6: Atlanta full line-up includes performances by Shannon Wright, The Selmanaires, The Liverhearts, Deerhunter, the Carbonas, The Black Lips, The Mighty Hannibal, Delia Gartrell, The Coathangers, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, Mastadon, and Snowden.

After being delayed for nearly a decade, this Atlanta installment, curated by Lee Tesche of Algiers, holds vitality like no other, showing a music scene and city in transition, where generations past collide with major bands on the rise, capturing artists at the height of their powers, a few local legends who have since disappeared, and others that have gone on to much wider success.

Algiers Tour Dates & Screenings:
April 9 – Atlanta, GA – The EARL – Burn To Shine screening premiere – w/ Moon Diagrams (Moses Archuleta from Deerhunter)
April 11 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle – Burn To Shine screening
April 12 – Washington, DC – Black Cat – Burn To Shine screening – w/ Sunwolf (members of Fugazi, French Toast, Felt Letters)
April 13 – New York, NY – Le Poisson Rouge – Burn To Shine screening – w/ Savak (members of Obits, Edsel, The Make-Up, NOU)
April 16 & 23 – Indio, CA – Coachella Music Festival
July 22 – New York, NY – Panorama Festival

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“Amnesia Haze” is the first track shared EMA’s original score for the movie #Horror. The film is out today and the full score will be released December 11th. It is directed by Tara Subkoff. Trailer shown after the break.

Track List:
1. Hashtag Horror Theme
2. Visions Of Blood
3. Amnesia Haze
4. Surrender, Michael
5. Whispers
6. Harshmallow World
7. Locust Strings
8. Danger Theme
9. Cat In The Woods
10. Running Danger
11. Dr White In The Woods
12. Dr White In The House
13. Foreshadowing Pain
14. The Girls Were Really Mean
15. Soul Cycle
16. Horror #2
17. Spooky Fingers
18. #Exit Music

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An Orgy of Self-Congratulation, Grandstanding & Overconsumption : Matador Artists & Staff Select Their 2012 Favorites

(above : angry mob reacts to the news that at least two or 3 people didn’t even mention the Total Control 7″)

Around this time every year, your overpaid overworked editor attempts to coax a list of favorite recordings, books, television programs, life events, etc. out of the label’s artist roster and our rock biz colleagues. In the past, the exercise has been an arduous process, fraught with nagging, teeth-gnashing and no shortage of reluctant participants. In more recent times, however, the serial oversharing epidemic that’s run rampant throughout all online activity has infected our bands and staff alike. The rhetorical question, “who fucking asked you?” cannot be applied in this instance, because they were all asked. For some historical perspective, here’s last year’s pile. Questions or comments about our lousy tastes and/or blatant omissions are welcome (but not necessarily appreciated). And away we go!

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Cat Power teaser, long-form film to come

Here is a short teaser for a long-form film I’m making for Cat Power. The
film stars Jade and Hazel Altheide, two female teenage BMX riders who live
just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico. As you will see they both totally
rip. This production has a pretty funny story actually. On a Thursday
morning in September I got a call from Gaby Basora, who designs a really
cool fashion line from New York called Tucker.  I had never met Gaby or
her team before. They proceeded to tell me about these two girls they had
heard about in New Mexico who ride BMX bikes and how they were great and
really stylish and would I be interested in going to make a movie about
them. There was a catch though. We needed to start shooting the next day!
None of us had ever met Jade and Hazel or their family, and really had no
idea what the landscape in New Mexico would be like, but heck, I’m always
down for an adventure. I agreed to do it and the next morning we were on a
plane with cameras and gear to go shoot this movie. I had no idea what it
was gonna be.

Cat Power NOTHIN’ BUT TIME (Teaser) by Aaron Rose from Aaron Rose on Vimeo.

When we arrived, we met the Altheide family, quickly got our gear together
and hit the trails. All I can say is wow! The girls were absolutely
beautiful and the surrounding landscape (as you can see) was beyond
magnificent. Coincidentally, as we were making this, Cat Power had
Just dropped her new record SUN. I was listening to it on the rental car
Radio as we cruised through the mountains of New Mexico and it just really
fit the vibe of what we were making. If you’ve ever been to NM, you know
How much sun they have…TONS! The song featured in this video is called
“Nothin’ But Time” and I think it just fits perfectly. The way Chan screams
“I wanna live!” just fits the freedom of jumping bikes and bombing down
hills so perfectly. It was a match made in heaven. The upcoming long-form
film will include the entire eleven minute version of “Nothin’ But Time”.
We’re making it now. So excited to get this out. Stay tuned.

Aaron Rose

Never Mind The Oscars, CHAIN GANG ARE BACK…


…on the big screen, anyway. Chain Gang’s centuries in the making “Mondo Manhattan” receives a screening Saturday, March 3 at 1pm as part of NYC’s Demented Film Festival . You really don’t want to know what kind of VIP gift bag opportunities there are at this event.

This monumental occasion comes very quickly on the heels of Chain Gang’s Ricky Luanda releasing a limited edition 7″ to accompany the deluxe paperback of Boo-Hooray’s “Ed Wood’s Sleaze Paperbacks”. WIth all due respect to Lana Del Rey, Jeremy Lin and Rick Santorum with this flurry of activity, 2012 is quickly shaping up to be The Year Of Chain Gang.

RIP, Great Purveyor Of Production Values, Working On “Spec”


Au revoir, to “Soul Train” creator Don Corneilus, who made his exit from this cruel world earlier this morning. While “Soul Train”‘s status as the the longest, continuously running first-run syndicated program in television history will no doubt be cited in Don’s obits, it was his star turn as independent label magnate Mo Fuzz in Bill Fishman’s 1988 comedy, “Tapeheads”, that provided a fledgling Matador Records with a genuine role model.

A Ned Beatty Performance More Harrowing Than “Deliverance”

Though I’ve already used this space to sing the praises of Zack Carlson & Bryan Connolly’s “Destroy All Movies : The Complete Guide To Punks On Film”, our extended Xmas break provided me with additional opportunities to get stuck into this impressive reference manual.  There’s amazing factoids and brutal critiques on almost every page (the turgid Arye Gross college radio star vehicle, “A Matter Of Degrees” is dismissed as “the emotional trials of a guy who looks like he’s been in school longer than Archie”) and best of all, many introductions to cinematic sludge only the insane or truly obsessed would already know about.


Case in point, 1998’s kiddie film. “The Purple People Eater”, described by Connolly as “the strangest E.T. rip-off of them all” (and this is coming from a man undoubtedly familiar with “Mac & Me”). “Is this the only film based on a novelty song?”  Well, that depends whether not you consider C.W. McCall’s “Convoy” a novelty song. But either way, it might be the worst film ever based on a novelty song. In addition to the cast mentioned in the above trailer, “The Purple People Eater” also features a pre-“Dougie Howser” / “Starship Troopers” Neil Patrick Harris, a pre-parental flipout Thora Birch, and inexplicably, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who might have the weirdest filmography of any professional athlete not named Todd Zeile.

“Class Of 1984” – Unjustly Dicked Out Of The 1982 Academy Awards


Seriously. Who the fuck remembers “E.T.”?  A couple of years ago, I talked the owners of a local tavern into letting me screen Mark Lester’s mindblowing “Class Of 1984” as part of a makeshift birthday party/film festival.  “Who doesn’t want to see Michael J. Fox get stabbed?” I asked, though as it turned out, attention spans amongst my friends were running low, the volume on the bar’s TV was lower, or perhaps Michael J. Fox wasn’t stabbed nearly enough times.  Either way, this film remains an all-time favorite of mine, and if it couldn’t be part of a holiday tradition for me, perhaps it will become one for you.

There’s much to recommend about “Class Of 1984” ;  the ferocious, self-righteous over-acting of Perry King as concerned educator Andrew Norris ;  Timothy Van Patten (son of dog-food magnate Dick, “Salami” from the equally brilliant “The White Shadow” and in more recent years, a key, behind-the-scenes contributor to “The Wire” and “Boardwalk Empire”) as faux-punk gangleader Stegman ; Roddy McDowell as an increasingly cynical science teacher who ultimately turns a gun on his teenage tormentors ; a musical cameo from Teenage Head, essentially giving away the film’s Toronto location.   But why listen to me?   If I celebrated Xmas and/or hadn’t already purchased a copy, I’d be asking Satan Santa for the newly published “Destroy All Movies!” (Fantagraphics Books), in which the amazing tome’s co-author, Zack Carlson, hails “Class Of 1984” as “just a perfect exploitation movie.”

“Originally slapped with an X rating, it’s relentlessly seedy, overflowing with assault, suicide, racism, grimy sex, drug use and crime crime crime, all of which is perpetrated by minors! Exaggerated or not, the gang practically wrote the textbook for countless delinquent groups that would terrorize big-screen high schools through the 80’s and beyond. There’s a consistent, pervasive air of innocent helplessness and leather-clad heartlessness that makes this movie the flat-out best in its genre.”

The Greatest Piece of (Rock) Historical Revisionism Ever Committed To Video


You know the old saying, “those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it?” No? Well, it’s a pretty good saying. The above Pussy Galore bio pic by Michele O’Mara, however brings to mind the truism “history is best retold by persons who don’t give a shit about accuracy or likenesses” (OK, I made that up myself). With all due respect to meme-tastic crazes like keyboard kitties and Alexyss Tylor, I see no reason why this video shouldn’t top a million or more views by the end of the week. (thanks to Linda Wolfe for the heads-up about this astonishing video)

Austin Movienight (or) Popcorn Makes Me Wanna High-Kick

2 of the first documentaries ever made about music* are set to grace Austin’s silver screen later this month when Alamo Drafthouse teams up with End Of An Ear and Matador to bring you Watch Me Jumpstart and Slow Century — two films about esteemed Matador alums Guided By Voices and Pavement — as part of the Alamo’s Music Monday Series.
$2 gets you admission along with some killer food and drink specials.

And be sure to catch the bands when they come to the Casual Victi…. er…. Live Music Capital.

Guided By Voices
Thursday September 30 @ East Side Drive
w/ Times New Viking

Tuesday September 28 @ Stubb’s Waller Creek
w/ Woven Bones

*well, not really.

What they’re up to: Kathryn Calder, Mogwai, Dead Meadow, Matmos

Even though we’d been convinced that all that slaving away at the myriad marketing gimmicks, “promo opportunities” and general suffering we put bands through would leave us with some very exhausted talent, it turns out that these guys just can’t stop doing thangs… read on to see what some of our beloved have been up to.

Though she’s on tour with the New Pornographers, as we speak, Kathryn Calder just put the finishing touches on her new solo record.  On August 11 the world’ll be treated to ‘Are You My Mother?’ which features an all-star band featuring Neko, Kurt and Todd from The New Pornographers and a handful of other Canadian musical luminaries. Check File Under: Music for more info.

Mogwai will be releasing the pretty stunning looking live LP entitled, Special Moves’ to coincide with the release of their first live film ‘Burning’, which was filmed in Brooklyn during the band’s tour in support of ‘The Hawk Is Howling’ in April of 2009. Check Mogwai’s site for info on ordering the record and where you can catch screenings of ‘Burning’.

Dead Meadow shot by 3mmet

Following the release of their live-film, Dead Meadow released their second live album ‘Three Kings’ and soundtrack to aforementioned film, on the Xemu label in April.

Matmos and So Percussion shot by maggiemoo1

Matmos‘ Drew Daniel and Martin Schmitt have teamed up with So Percussion on a collaboration entitled ‘Treasure State‘ — expect to have your mind twisted on July 8. Cantaloupe Records sez: “The record had a complex gestation period: at the invitation of Brett Allen, the members of Matmos and So Percussion went to the SnowGhost Studios in Whitefish, Montana– the Treasure State which gives the album its title– and collaboratively generated the bulk of the songs. San Francisco plunderphonicist Wobbly then chopped and edited the results on several tracks, and finally, with frequent interventions from Matmos’ M. C. Schmidt, “fifth” So Percussion member and producer Lawson White overdubbed extra elements, processed, and mixed the results.” There’s a handful of live dates, to boot!

Dead Meadow, New US Dates, “3 Kings” Screening


Thur. March 25th, 3 Kings premiere party at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery FREE
Fri. March 26th, Brookdale Lodge, Brookdale, CA
Sat. March 27th, Great American Concert Hall, San Francisco, CA
Wed. March 21, Wow Hall, Eugene, OR
Thur. April 1st, Doug Fir, Portland, OR
Fri. April 2nd, Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver, BC
Sat. April 3rd, Studio Seven, Seattle, WA
Mon. April 5th, Urban Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
Wed. April 7th, Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO
Thur. April 8th, Riot Room, Lawrence, KS
Fri. April 9th, Slowdown, Omaha, NE
Sat. April 10th, Nuttys North, Sioux Falls, SD
Mon. April 12th, Triple Rock, Minneapolis, MN
Tue. April 13th, Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
Wed. April 14th, Annex, Madison, WI
Thur. April 15th, Magic Stick, Detroit, MI
Fri. April 16th, Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH
Sat. April 17th, The Union, Athens, OH
Mon. April 19th, The Basement, Columbus, OH
Tues. April 20th, Walnut Street Schoolhouse, Ridgeway, PA
Wed. April 21st, Mohawk, Buffalo, NY
Thur. April 22nd, Lees Palace, Toronto, ON
Fri. April 23rd, Club Lampi, Montreal, QUE
Sat. April 24th Cafe Nine New Haven, CT
Sun. April 25th, Bowery Ballroom, NYC, NY

Mission Of Burma In The Wild West

Burma Day photo

Just a healthy reminder that Mission Of Burma will be making a rare Central Texas appearance this Sunday at the 4th edition of Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Festival (other participants include fellow Matadorians Shearwater, Fucked Up, Times New Viking and Harlem). The Burma documentary, “Not A Photograph”, will be shown at Austin’s Alamo Ritz Sunday night, hosted by the band, after which Peter, Roger, Clint and Bob will be hitting the following glamor towns :

Nov 10 Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge
Nov 11 Seattle, WA The Crocodile
Nov 12 Eugene, OR Wow Hall
Nov 14 San Francisco, CA The Independent
Nov 15 Los Angeles, CA The Echoplex

“Waiting For Something” – a short documentary about Jay Reatard

Directed by Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz, “Waiting For Something” explores in detail Jay Reatard’s personal history and roots in Memphis music.

The film easily stands as the most complex and detailed portrait of Jay yet to be offered.

Pre-order Jay’s new album, “Watch Me Fall”, here.

Waiting For Something – a short documentary about Jay Reatard

TRAILER: “Waiting For Something”, A short documentary about Jay Reatard

On Tuesday August 4th MySpace will debut “Waiting For Something”, a short documentary about Jay Reatard.

Directed by Alex Hammond and Ian Markiewicz, “Waiting For Something” explores in detail Jay’s personal history and his roots in Memphis music, and also gazes forward at an artistic journey not yet written.

Here is the first trailer for the film.

TRAILER: “Waiting For Something”, a Jay Reatard documentary

Coming To A Multiplex Near You : The “Walk The Line” Of Movies That Feature A Ton Of Church-Burning


There have been reports of a dramatic interpretation of Michael Moynahin and Dirk Soderlind’s “Lords Of Chaos” hitting the big screen someday, and perhaps adding a mainstream movie star to the mix will help with the financing.  You’ve thrilled to Shane West as Darby Crash, tried to get your head around Elijah Wood as Iggy, perhaps you’re even psyched to see Jamie Foxx as Frank Sinatra.  But unless you’ve been reading Metal (or whoever they’ve been reading), you probably didn’t know that “Twilight”‘s Jackson Rathbone has been tapped to play the part of Varg Vikernes (above). 

Much as I respect the opinion of those who made this casting decision, I feel compelled to protest.  Who exactly does Kenneth Branagh have to fuck to get a look in?

Until Randy “O” Does Shakespeare In The Park, This Will Have To Do

It would be an exaggeration to claim most of my non-Matador related posts for the Matablog are culled from that awesome treasure trove of metallic press releases, Just as it would be the height of hyperbole to say I visit said site 5, 6, maybe 7 times a day. Even so, the ‘Mouth provides a daily glimpse into an alternate musical universal where somewhere on this planet (quite possibly in Eastern Europe), news of Rudy Sarzo’s advances in digital animation are eagerly absorbed.

Today, Blabbermouth informs us that L.A. Guns vocalist* Phil Lewis has the lead role in “Witchmaster General”, a motion picture hopefully described as a “supernatural thriller”.


Lewis plays Dr. Gorgon, a charming but sinister witchdoctor who uses his evil powers — as well as his close personal relationship with Satan — to run a sort of “murder-for-hire” business. A tough-as-nails cop (Martino) and the county coroner (Bud Stafford of “Grave Danger”) are hot on his trail, but are no match for the power he possesses or the evil he unleashes upon them.

“The film is a nice mix of great old-fashioned haunted house horror and all the sex, violence, and dark humor we’ve come to expect these days,” says filmmaker Jim Haggerty of his fourth feature film. “It’s kind of like an old Vincent Price movie on acid.”

As a longtime fan of L.A. GUNS, Haggerty is extremely delighted to have the opportunity to work with one of his musical heroes. “I have always been such a fan of Phil in L.A. GUNS,” he says. “He was — and really still is — such an exciting performer with such great charisma and talent on top of an amazing voice. He really was the right man for the job and it was an honor and a pleasure to work with him on this — I’m already writing the sequel!”

(* – I should stress that neither I nor Matador Records is taking sides in the dispute over the ownership of the L.A. Guns name.  Los Angeles has the greatest copyright / entertainment attorneys in the world and we fully believe in letting them do what they do best). 

Coming To Austin April 5 and 6, Emily Hubley’s “The Toe Tactic”


When’s the last time you went to your local multiplex and every film on offer had a score by Yo La Tengo?  Such an occasion will occur this Monday, April 6 when roughly the same time Austin’s Alamo Ritz theatre screens Greg Mottola’s “Adventureland”, an adjoining room will be showing Emily Hubley’s “The Toe Tactic” at 7pm.


“The Toe Tactic” is Hubley’s first full-length feature combines animation and live action, and includes performances from David Cross, Eli Wallach, Andrea Martin and Marion Seides…along with the previously mentioned Yo La Tengo music.  Later that evening, the Ritz will present “Hubley Films”, a collection of Faith & John Hubley‘s animated works, as curated by Emily Hubley.

There’s a screening of “The Toe Tactic” on Sunday, as well.