Celebrate Matador’s 105th Anniversary WIth A 102 Song Playlist At Spotify

It may have escaped your attention earlier this week, what with all the column inches afforded Taylor Swift’s decision to remove music from Spotify, that the last remaining American who witnessed the formation of Matador Records had either passed away or disabled their Facebook account.  With this historic occasion in mind, we’ve assembled a 102 song Matador playlist at Spotify that will either have you partying like it’s 1889 or perhaps will provoke a huge outcry over all songs that are missing (for instance, Taylor Swift’s earliest works for Matador). Write down your favorite omissions, and we’ll try to get ’em cleared in time for our 110th Anniversary!


Who Amongst Us Has Not Projectile Vomited Upon Seeing David Coverdale Perform?


(because you’ve already heard far too much Whitesnake in your lifetime, here’s The Sickness, instead)

I’d make a pretty good Lionel Huntz, but more importantly, the South Wales Argus reports a Whitesnake concert goer is suing after slipping in a pile of puke at a show last December.

Lindy Butcher, 39, went to the gig with her friend Caroline Burns and was walking to the Loft Bar in Newport Leisure Centre when she said she slipped and her feet went from under her, causing her to fall and land on both knees.

She said she was helped up by a man at the gig, on December 7, 2011, who told her she had fallen in sick.

Ms Butcher, who was not drinking as she was driving them both home that night and had flat-soled Converse trainers on, said: “It was horrifying, you don’t expect to fall in someone’s vomit.”

Ms Butcher, landlady at the Cwmcarn Hotel,was cleaned up with disinfectant, she says. She missed the start of the concert as she had to go to the first aid room and spoke to the front desk to explain what had happened. She then sat down to let Miss Burns enjoy the concert. Ms Butcher’s tickets were refunded as a goodwill gesture.

A claim filed against Newport council said she suffered bruising and soreness to her knees as well as pain through her neck and shoulders and muscle spasms between her ribs.

Fucked Up bringing Halloween horror to the UK

What do you want for Halloween? Not a question often asked, but let Matador take the time to make sure you’re all getting what you want for this, the most special of holidays.

Burned retinas?  Pulverised ear drums?  Sweaty hugs?  More fun than you can shake a (broom)stick at?  Well, if thats the case we might be able to help you, as Fucked Up bring their festive fun to the UK this week, culminating in a special show at The Scala in London on October 31st.   And if you can’t make the show? Well, the gift of a burnt eyeball is free to all, courtesy of the flyer below.

Along with the ever fantastic Fucked Up live show, we’ll also have competitions for the best (and worst) fancy dress, prizes and a photographer to document all the stupidity. Support comes from the excellent (and costumed!) Eagulls and Cold Pumas, both of whom are well worth turning up early for.

Happy Holidays?

Further Fucked Up tour dates include:


28th – Paris, Pitchfork Music Festival (France) Tickets
29th – Leeds, Nation Of Shopkeepers (UK)
30th – Manchester, Soundcontrol (UK) Tickets
31st – London, Scala (UK)  Tickets **Halloween**


1st – Hamburg, Molotow (Germany) Tickets
2nd – Loppen Christiana, Copenhagen (Denmark) Tickets
3rd – Lund, Mejeriet (Sweden) Tickets
4th – Stockholm, Debaser (Sweden)


Performing David Comes To Life, in full

11-14 – In The Round at Le Poisson Rouge* – Sold Out

11-15 – Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY* – tickets

* Titus Andronicus support at both shows


Australia tour (supporting Foo Fighters)

Nov 28 – Perth NIB Stadium

Dec 2 – Melbourne AAMI Park

Dec 3 –  Melbourne AAMI Park

Dec 5 – Adelaide Cricket Groud

Dec 8 –  Sydney Football Stadium

Dec 10 –  Gold Cost Metricon Stadium

Dec 13 –  Auckland Western Springs

TheWheelYLT: A Twitter-Fueled Wheelspin For A Pair Of Tickets

As many of you have read, Yo La Tengo is embarking on a tour where the band will go into each night putting the fate of the evening’s setlist in the hands of a lucky wheel spinner.

To take the wheel concept into 2011 online contest mode, the band has posted a mesmerizing spinning contest wheel on their site – http://yolatengo.com/thewheelylt/.

Winning two free concerts tickets via the wheel is simple:

1.  Follow (or be a follower already of) Yo La Tengo on Twitter (www.twitter.com/therealYLT).

2.  Every day between 12 pm EST and 1 pm EST the wheel will land on one lucky Twitter follower.

3.  That winning Twitter follower will win two free tickets to the following day’s show near their hometown (travel to show is not included).

The wheel will claim the first winner tomorrow (Wednesday) for the Philly show.

(Note:  To allay any travel concerns, somehow they have figured out how to select only followers near an upcoming show.)

Additionally, every night the band will be webcasting the wheel spin live on the home page of YoLaTengo.com.

A full rundown of dates and where you can buy tickets – should the wheel let you down – are on the band’s site.

Obligatory legaleze:
1.  Must be over 18 to win
2.  Travel to and from show not included in prize
3.  No purchase necessary

Jennifer O’Connor To Channel Her Inner Stevie Nicks In Philly

This news just in from the JOC camp….

She will be joining a loose cabal of “not-so-star-ish-indie-rock-stars” at Johnny Brenda’s in Philly next Monday to perform Tusk front to back.  I think this thing is also at Union Hall this Sunday.

A full press release right after the jump.

MARCH 29, 2010: In appreciation and celebration of musician Lindsey Buckingham’s mad genius and one of modern music’s most “punk rock-soft rock” albums, Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk, The Lindsey Buckingham Appreciation Society will perform its interpretation of the classic 1979 double album in its entirety Monday, May 17 at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with special guest Jennifer O’Connor.
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The Decade Can’t End Soon Enough (Unless You’re Having Fun) – Matador Artists, Staff And Associates Remember 2009 (Before It’s Done)


(sure, we’re allowed to have an annual holiday party, but who’s supposed to pay for the cleanup?)

Once upon a time — when the bulk of our internet activity was longer than 140 characters — the Matador website feature periodic news updates (almost all of ’em brutally late in arrival), along with an informal selection of staff and roster listening favorites. Said feature fell by the wayside when we made the fateful transition to the Matablog some 3 1/2 years ago. But fuck it, it’s the holiday season, and what better way to embrace the spirit of sharing than with a ferocious onslaught of grandstanding, oneupmanship and elitist self-fellatio?

But enough about our plans for Matador’s 21st Anniversary celebrations.  Without further Freddy Adu, here’s an impressive array of ’09/decade favorite records, events & things from some of your most beloved Matador artists and the people who enable them. Dig in, after the jump :

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A Homeless Guy’s Editorial : Tony Victory’s Idea Of Karma

As readers of America’s most popular music blog have probably already heard, yours truly had a particularly unpleasant Monday night/Tuesday morning ; to wit, my South Austin home completely burned to the ground. Everything I owned — along with the possessions of 2 roommates/dear friends, was lost in the blaze.

Over the past two days, I’ve been truly humbled and touched by how many of you — friends and strangers alike — have reached out to offer support, a place to crash, something to eat, etc. Sadly, I can say that such expressions of humanity were not unanimous.

As readers of America’s 2nd or 3rd most popular record label blog are probably aware, I’ve made a frequent practice at poking fun at Victory Records and the brains behind the operation, Tony Brummel.

Earlier today I received the following e-mail message from someone claiming to be Brummel ;

Picture 460

I’ve got to admit, I had previously underestimated Brummel. Not only would I have bet real money he couldn’t spell karma if you spotted him the K-A-R, but he’s even capable of attaching a .gif all by himself. But here’s the serious conclusion you can take away from this ill-advised attempt at a rejoinder ; Brummel considers my watching my home and possessions turned to ashes karmic payback for….criticism of his record label? An innocent pet burning to death is acceptable payback for mocking his dopey-as-fuck records, ads and business practices?

If you’re a fan of Victory or the label’s bands, I’ve got no quarrel with you. We all like what we like and no one needs to apologize for that not even fans of these schmucks. Honestly, though I can’t speak on behalf of his current or former roster (or employees),  I don’t think Tony Victory’s aesthetic crimes are deserving of anything other than good old fashioned ribbing.  What he expressed to me today, however, is another story.  I think he deserves to have it widely circulated. Brummel can rub himself raw at the thought of my suffering personal or material loss ; if something similar happens to him, I’ll be the first person to ship Tony a box of good records.  They might be the first decent ones he’s ever heard.

2008 – The Year In Self Congratulation Music : Matador Artists, Staff & Pals Feel The Need To Share

(work crews feverishly prepare for the announcement of just what we’ve been watching and eating in 2008)

Every December I send out a rambling, somewhat desperate electronic message to the Matador artist roster (well, most of ’em) along w/ label staff and our Beggars’ colleagues, begging for their favorite people/places/things/records/memories from the year about to conclude. We’ve got our longest list of best-of’s so far, though keep in mind, if Gabe and Dave’s submissions were edited, we’d be back to our mid ’90’s brevity all over again. Read ’em and weep, after the jump – G.C.

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Shearwater Live at Florence Gould Hall NYC

If you missed this truly amazing evening with Shearwater, or just want to see it over and over the show is now readily available. The wonderful people at Baeble Music recorded it and are streaming the first set in which they played Rook in it’s entirety. Here’s a preview of show with the band playing Leviathan, Bound.  Full set can be enjoyed here.


Exclusive Matablog Footage : Hova’s Glastonbury Riposte To Noel Gallagher

You’ve probably already heard about Jay-Z’s mock tribute to Oasis’ “Wonderwall” at the Glastonbury Festival this past Saturday night. While rock blogs across the globe are showing the same YouTube clip from the BBC3’s footage of the event, I’m pleased to say the Matablog editorial staff have discovered secret video of the former Marcy Projects product leading his all-star band through an early morning rehearsal.

Lethal Bizzle Vs. The Download Festival’s Sophisticated Audience


If I had found it at the beginning of the set, I’m not sure I would have carried on. It was a banana skin, thrown at my feet as I played last weekend’s Download festival. On the outside, someone had written “Bizzle you black cunt”. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Being who I am, I’d probably do it again. I’m pretty sure my DJ wouldn’t though. We’re used to getting looks and things like that when we tour middle England, six black guys getting out of a van, you can see they’re looking at you and getting defensive. That can get frustrating, but you deal with it. This was different. Why did they have to bring my race into it? Lethal Bizzle, Guardian Music Blog, 6/20/08

Chicken in a bag

Late to posting this: a couple of months ago I became intrigued by John Thorne’s writing on poached chicken, in his first book, Simple Cooking. He modifies a recipe by Barbara Tropp, where you submerse an entire chicken in boiling water, cover it, turn off the heat, wait for two hours and then eat. Thorne uses a Reynolds oven-proof bag (first time I’d come across this item, but it was available at my local supermarket), and increases the cooking time to three hours. You rub the chicken with olive oil and herbs, put it in the bag, and then suck all the air out of the bag, or at least as much as possible. I’m not a huge fan of sucking on a bag containing a raw chicken, but it is an absolute must since the chicken will not submerge otherwise.

Do not attempt this recipe if you like attractive food. The chicken will emerge pallid and sweaty, though “meltingly tender” and, as Thorne puts it, “full of its own flavor.”

Matador Records and Record Store Day!


I know for me, every day is Record Store Day, but now there is an official day to celebrate independently owned record stores and it is this Saturday, April 19th! RECORD STORE DAY!

The following bands/members will be participating by:
The New Pornographers – John – DJing at Vintage Vinyl (St. Louis, MO) @ 3:00
Times New Viking – Adam – DJing at Used Kids Records (Columbus, OH) throughout the day between bands
The Cave Singers- In-store performance at CD World (Eugene, OR) @ 3:00
Dead Meadow – Jason – DJing at Other Music (NYC) @ 3:00


Also, this is a list of the very special, very limited edition items we produced specifically for this day:
Matador Turntable Slipmats
Stephen Malkmus – Cold Son 10″
FREE Matador Sampler CD

Shat In The (Linkin Park’s) Van!!

No square inch of scenery left to chew, no square inch of Shatner’s ass to kiss, and no clips of the interview on YouTube yet, but one can enjoy Mike Patton exploring everything that happened in music between The Infectious Grooves and Linkin Park!


End of an Ear Welcomes The Cave Singers To Austin

The Cave Singers will be performing at End of an Ear on Friday, Oct. 19th at 5pm. The performance is free to all so please come enjoy!

(photograph by jenny j.)

The Cave Singers at End of an Ear
Friday, 10/19 at 5pm
2209 South First Street
Austin, TX

You can also catch them later that night at Emo’s, supporting Black Mountain.