Thurston vs Europe

Next week sees the arrival of Thurston Moore on European soil. Having recently dropped the unnerving, jarring “Groovy and Linda” recorded with his new outfit Chelsea Light Moving, Thurston will hit the continent for a tour that will have him playing fifteen shows in fifteen days across twelve different countries.

Forgotten just how many strings there are to Thurston’s bow? Never.



26 – Jul – 12 / Castelbasso, Italy, Soundlabs Festival

28 – Jul – 12 / Hyères, France, Midi Festival

29 – Jul – 12 / Dijon, France, Le Consortium

30 – Jul – 12 / Düdingen, Switzerland, Bad Bonn

31 – Jul – 12 /  Luxembourg, Den Atelier

1 – Aug – 12 /  Antwerp, Belgium, Rivierenhof

2 – Aug – 12 / Schorndorf, Germany, Manufaktur

3 – Aug – 12 / Vienna , Austria, Stadsaal

4 – Aug – 12 / Katowice, Poland, OFF Festival

5 – Aug – 12 / Dresden, Germany, Alter Schlachthof

6 – Aug – 12 / Copenhagen, Denmark, Vega

7 – Aug – 12 / Gothenburg, Sweden, –

8 – Aug – 12 / Oslo, Norway, OYA Festival

8 – Aug – 12 / Oslo, Norway, OYA Night

9 – Aug – 12 / Gothenburg, Sweden, Way Out West Fest


Chelsea Light Moving present “Groovy & Linda”

A ways back we shared the track “Burroughs” from Thurston Moore’s new group, Chelsea Light Moving, hinting at more tunes to follow.  Here’s the second track from the group, “Groovy & Linda“… take it away, TM….



Thurston Moore (gtr/vocals/songwriter)
Keith Wood (gtr)
Samara Lubelski (bass)
John Moloney (drums)

Has returned!! From sick 4-date international (Canada-USA) tour!! New song for free for all — ! _–

It is called:  GROOVY & LINDA [192kbps mp3]

Not to be confused with the 1968 coffee house folk song by Tom Parrott (recorded for Smithsonian Folkways), this chug n’ shred burner is a psycho reflection of late 60s NYC East Village hippie idealism slayed and splayed in an Avenue B tenement boiler room. Groovy was the boy born James Leroy Hutchinson from modest American means and Linda was Linda Fitzpatrick, she from a privileged nuclear household, both runaways to the lysergic pulchritude of peace, love and marijuana. When The Fugs went on tour in 1967 ringleader Ed Sanders enlisted Groovy to care take his Peace Eye bookstore at a “secret location on the lower east side” (E. 10th St., actually). An incredible underground poetry bookstore/art gallery/hip hang out and orgy hook up scene, Groovy turned it into a barefoot mantra crash pad for all the beautiful zonkers and speed freaks of alphabet city. It was hard for even a grouch like Sanders to get too miffed at Groovy who actually believed in the wild animal dreams of hippie. Groovy was in love with Linda, a starry-eyed goddess nymph and they were the power flower couple of Tompkins Square. Tragedy flapped its nightmare wings and the two were found brutally beaten and killed bathed in blood and mystery amidst their tie-dye rags and rolling papers. It signaled the end of the fairytale that the media presented in day-glo color come-hitherness in the pages of Life and Look magazine. The following year Charles Manson and his dune buggy motherfuckers would exact an even farther cry of chaos and killing in the bamboozled hills of Los Angeles. We, Chelsea Light Moving, want to mantra the names of these two angels of beauty, regardless of the cynicism and naïveté of youth, for these are the charms of the soul. “Don’t shoot!!” —– we are your children……



Thurston Moore

Chelsea Light Moving

P.S. – in case you missed it we released the song BURROUGHS a coupla weeks ago. Check the officially unofficial video:


Watch this space for info about the forthcoming Chelsea Light Moving release on Matador!



Tell Us About Your New Band, THURSTON MOORE!


(newsflash courtesy of Love Sick Times, free periodical for poets and punks)

This song is called BURROUGHS.
It is by the band CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING.

“Burroughs” MP3 – click me

Members of band:
Thurston Moore (gtr/vocals/songwriter)
Keith Wood (gtr)
Samara Lubelski (bass)
John Moloney (drums)

“Burroughs” is the first track from a session recorded in the wilds of Western Massachusetts in the springtime of 2012. It was inspired by the last words of the gentleman who wrote the most significant experimental novels of the late 20th century (Naked Lunch, Soft Machine, The Ticket That Exploded etc.) – writer William S. Burroughs (“Love? What is it? Most natural painkiller what there is.”). After sitting in the orgone box planted in Burroughs’ back yard of Lawrence, Kansas in the midpoint of the 1990s, Thurston Moore came to the realization that at some point he’d need to form a band that played Burroughs Rock. This is the sound of Wild Boys looking to jack hypos of core passion into their veins. Boy on boy. Girl on girl. Start there. It’s not even music – it’s an amphetamine sonnet for the on-the-loose lovers of the world. Chelsea Light Moving will play your town. Right now we’re playing Friday June 22 2012 at the Sled Island bizarro freak slam in Calgary, Alberta near where Neil Young used to skinny dip when he was a laser-brained teen. Then we play Missoula, hometown of zero pop hate puppy Steve Albini. Then we play Boulder and Denver Colorado before Thurston settles down for a week of teaching at the summer writing workshop at Naropa University. Also on the faculty are Amiri Baraka and Anne Waldman, which means: More tunes, more damage. Another song comes yr way in a week, even sicker.

“Burroughs” was recorded and mixed May 18-20, 2012, by Justin Pizzoferrato at Sonelab, Easthampton, MA.

Upcoming Thurston Moore US dates:
June 24 – Missoula, MT The Top Hat
June 27 – Bouler, CO Boulder Theater
June 29 – Denver, CO Larimer Lounge

Watch this space for info about the forthcoming Chelsea Light Moving release on Matador…