Writing About Love

Saying you love someone or something is pretty easy, right. It’s always kinda rolled off the tongue without a second thought. There are lots of things that you “love” or you think you love, well… until you don’t anymore. The whole thing might just fade away. It can be pretty fleeting.

I’ve got a long list of things I “love” (certainly much long than this)…

I love yellow corn grits with parmesan cheese and maple syrup.
I love condiments of all kinds (but dijon mustard most of all).
I love everything bagels with cream cheese and lox from Murray’s Bagels.
I love pork chops.
I love the color brown.
I love mid-century modern design.
I love releasing music by people who I respect.
I love Neil Young, Belle & Sebastian, Bert Jansch, Unwound, Grouper, Lungfish, Polvo, Pentangle, Sun Ra and some others.
I love living on the east coast because the beach is only a short drive away.
I love my parents for giving me the freedom to become exactly who I wanted to be even when they knew I was probably making some wrong decisions at the time.
I love my wife for her never-ending patience and support. She’s also lots of fun to spend time with.
I love my sisters even though I don’t see either of them as much as I’d like.
I love New York. Growing up here was amazing and I love that we’re raising our kids here too.
I love visiting New Mexico because of how quiet it is and how big the sky is and how great the food is.

As I’ve matured I realize that ‘feeling love’ goes well beyond just being able to assign a some words to people and things. In the last five years it’s taken on meanings that I never really considered. It has more to do with feelings that are much harder to define, that are latent and perhaps unmeasurable. It’s a feeling that creeps up on you, reveals itself and even surprises you. You feel it deeply in your chest or it just keeps you awake at night.

I love my friends but I didn’t realize how much until they moved 5,000 miles away. New York has become an infinitely lonelier place without them.
I love my wife but certainly never felt it the way I did after watching her give birth to the two single most incredible dudes in the world. She’s also an amazing mother.
I love eating out but so much more when the whole family goes out to dinner and finds a dark, cozy corner to enjoy being with each other.
I love sleeping but never the way I do when one of my little guys climbs into bed with us and falls asleep on my back.
I love watching Oliver play games but much more when he loses and with a big smile he congratulates the person that just beat him.

These instances just keep multiplying for me. This kind of love just continues to grow. It creeps into every pore. It’s hard to run away from. The best few words that I could find to describe it has already been called out in @jjuuddggee’s post and comes from the title of most recent Arthur Russell album “Love is Overtaking Me”.  I think what illustrates it best for me is when I look into my guys’ room and see them playing together quietly. They are slowly passing toys back and forth, coloring on the same piece of paper, the older one showing the younger how something works, helping to turn something on or open it the right way. They are sharing a series of moments. Looking in on them I see them falling in love with each other.  It’s that simple. They don’t know it yet but it’s growing. Love is overtaking them too. Love is overtaking us all.

Upcoming Mogwai DJ Set on Viva-Radio


While on their recent US tour, Mogwai’s Barry Burns had a chance to pop into a few places to flex his DJing muscles. He made it over to Viva-Radio’s Brooklyn studio on the day of the one of the band’s Music Hall show to record a DJ set and have a chat with Ted Shumaker. The results can be heard in all their glory next week.


Naked Fridays Pt. 27

Friday June 5th 4-5PM (Eastern Standard Time)

Jaguar Love live on Shockhound TV

Jaguar Love stopped by Hot Topic HQ last Fall to record this session in the corporate cafeteria and proceeded to blow the roof off the place.

Watching this performance brings me back to last August when the following secret communique arrived from Matador head honcho Chris Lombardi post HT meeting:

Our meeting was in “the chamber” there were gargoyles and flaming towers in the reception area, it was like “am I at Ozzys house?” the reception desk was an embalming table and the ceo walked out with her dog “count woofenstien” or something like that …you guys have NO idea… Where have we gone what have we become.. I’m gonna go get a tattoo or become a “cutter” now….lightly slice my limbs away.. Anyway mtg was good they upped their order from xxx to xxxx, they want any merch we have a la stickers postcards or download cards, they were wondering if the band would be available to play the managers mtg in oct and the video is gonna go in rotation at the 200 or so stores that have that capability…the record is also going into in-store play at all 700+  stores as matt said.

I told em we want hot topic to OWN this band…. Ok I’m going coffin hunting ….later.  CL

Jaguar Love out on the road again this spring, below dates in support of OK/Go

20-San Diego @ House of Blues
21-Anaheim @ House of Blues
24-Santa Cruz @ Catalyst
25-San Francisco @ Great American Music Hall
27-Portland @ Wonder Ballroom
28-Seattle @ Chop Suey

Jennifer O’Connor: on the air and online

Two more important media events happening next week to make you aware of.

First, next Monday online radio session:

Viva Radio Presents
Me Plus You hosted by Ted Shumaker
with special guest Jennifer O’Connor
An in-depth interview and exclusive live songs at the Viva Studios.
Air Date 9/1/08, 12:30PM EST and available in the Archive Vol. 24
Check out VIVA-RADIO

Then on Friday, September 26th, Jennifer O’Connor will light up the radio airwaves when she is a guest on WNYC’s Soundcheck with John Schaefer.

Tune in at 2:30PM on 93.9FM in the New York area or WNYC online to hear Jennifer’s live interview and two-song performance.

Enjoy the pleasures of Steve Malkmus and the Jicks in some style (no purchase necessary)

malkmus contest

We’re really hoping that the recent earthquake swarm off the coast of Oregon remains exactly what it is, a harmless swarm of 600 earthquakes in the course of 10 days. We wouldn’t want any natural calamities to jeopardize the May 1st Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks show at the Wonder Ballroom in Portland since the Ace Hotel and The Seattle Stranger have helped us put together a pretty nice contest that we don’t want any of our Northwestern friends to miss out on.

If you visit the this page now you can enter to win yourself a fairly deluxe prize pack which includes two tickets to the aforementioned rock show, a one night stay at the Ace Hotel in Portland and stack’o CDs from America’s favorite late night talking head.

Your Big Chance To Make Your Living Room Look Like The Poor Man’s Hard Rock Hotel

Call it getting in bed together or whatever you like but we’ve been cooking up a little promotion with our friends over at Paste Magazine. They helped us put together this terrific contest to win a custom designed New Pornographers’ guitar.

More details are available here.

If you win, we’d very much appreciate seeing you rock it a bit like this fella (cigarette not included)


It’s No Urban (Outfitter) Legend : Free Ponys Show In Lawrence, KS

(photo by Tom Rippe, used without permission)

Asked if we support college and non-commercial radio here at Matador, we would have to reply "yes". And, of course, if that means plying college MDs with free goods, tickets and expensive gifts to pump up chart positions, we'd emphatically reply "hell yes!!"

Well, The Ponys are about to put a little more rock action in their support. The Free Yr Radio campaign is putting together a series of in-stores to help in the support of the local college radio stations across the US and next Tuesday April 24th the band are going to be rocking Urban Outfitters (where else?) in Lawrence, KS in support of the very fine radio station KJHK.


Urban Outfitters

1013 Massachusetts Street Lawrence, KS 66044


The show begins at 6pm and your free invite can be printed at www.freeyrradio.com/kjhkguest.

Make sure you show up early and have your invite in-hand as the show is first come, first served and you MUST have an invite.

Other bands participating include Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Man Man, The Rapture, Tapes n Tapes and more. Additional cities and in-stores can be found here: http://www.freeyrradio.com

The Ponys Go-A-Trottin’

To help us celebrate this week’s release of The Ponys’ 'Turn The Lights Out', our friends at Daytrotter posted a very nice feature on the band which, of course, also includes four live tracks recorded for the soon to be infamous Daytrotter Sessions.

(an ambitiously blonde Jered, as illustrated by Daytrotter's Johnnie Cluney)

Recorded a few weeks back in beautiful Rock Island, IL, the band tore up some two-inch tape with four absolute keepers (and you can keep them, since they are available as mp3 downloads).  And the real sweetness comes with a scorching version of ‘Poser Psychotic’.

The band just left Austin where they logged the most shows for any single Matador artists at SXSW this year and are currently back out on the road with the Black Lips. If you missed that shindig in Texas and you’re are missing the band on this go-around you might want to check yourself out some live tuneage here.

Early Man rock corporate whores

Yet another subculture falls to the power of Early Man's live prowess. Snowboarding bowed down en mass to the band last Friday night in Seattle and are now answering to us… stay tuned to a complete line of Matador custom boards, boots  and bindings.

You can read more about it in their corporate news missive

iron_business_man copy.jpg

Here's just one tasty quote: "Black Sabbath's first album, Black Sabbath was released on Friday the 13th, February 1970. Friday the 13th October, 2006 saw the third annual Capita (Snowboarding) Corporate Event, and an earth shaking live performance by heavy metal gods, Early Man."

HUH?  Anyway, we would like to issue an official warning to anyone who straps boots with polyurethane wheels on their feet… you're next!