(Not So Random) Single From The Collection, March ’09 Edition

Back in the way-back machine when Matador had our very first office (that wasn’t my apartment) we sold direct to stores in addition to selling our own singles and LP’s ; we started selling non matador records we liked, and soon-to-be matador related records. It was a way to keep the lights on with an extremely sparse release schedule (release dates? ha!) I would try to get stores to pick up these singles or albums COD, talking to folks like Bob Schick (of the mighty Honor Role) at Plan 9, Janet from Fallout, Mark Trehus at Oarfolkjokapus, Conrad Capistran at In Your Ear, Mike Lavella at Phantom of the Attic (he mailed me Quaaludes once) and Natalie Carlson at Aarons (boy she was a pain in the ass, but later I learned she was the coolest girl I ever met).

This was how Matador Direct got started. One of the first singles we carried was the very first Chunk single, pre-Matador, right when they had to change their name to Superchunk. The band hand colored 200 of these individual sleeves, and I kept this one. Pretty sweet indeed

Pavement Fan Of The Month : Ms. Loretta Scars


What's better than a Grammy, what could a be a more heart wrenching tribute than a Lifetime Achievement Award? Better than having the Key to the City? A Holiday named after you? A full page Obituary in the New York Times. Forget about a tattoo with your favorite band's logo on your arm. How about changing your name to to a song from one your favorite bands!  I'm not talking about just your first name, hell there's plenty of GLORIA's or SARA's or Maybelline's out there, but how about BOTH first and last names? Now, sure there's gotta be a Captain Jack somewhere down in the Florida Keys, But that's not what we're talking about! While we haven't had a chance to enjoy your "slow love" tributes to the band on the Sliver Screen we trust they are as charming as you seem to be.Cheers Loretta,  for being Pavement's Fan of the Month.

Chain Gang Unleashes a Teaser!? We Want Our Mondo Manhattan!

25 years in the making El Chain gives us a glimpse of the genius moves to come with a trailer for Mondo Manhattan! The backstory to the cult behind Son of Sam! Murders! Torture! Dr. Mabuse!

Ricky, I sent in my 5 bucks for that VHS 18 years ago! I guess with inflation and compounded interest, that’ll still be good for the more expensive and expanded DVD format when it is eventually released!

Label Head Pleads Guilty To GBH

After Mogwai’s blistering set at La Route du Rock, I tore into Barry’s bottle of Scotch. The backstage area was an ancient Barn of Stone, which in my opinion, was the perfect locale for a rumble!

I know John pinned me to the ground, and I admit the fucker is strong but I was drunk! Anyway, this is what happens when you don’t let the boss win : your head goes bam! into L’ Ancienne Stone Wall!

Sorry John!

This Is What Happens When You Trust The Travelocity Gnome

Your correspondent/despondent from the Paris desk is staying at the Hotel Amore, a wink-wink poke at the popular, ‘tho more seedy shag shacks in nearby Pigalle. This is the first boutique hotel in Paris to offer 2 hour stays. The staff looked pretty smokin’, but in a “I’ve been used and abused by Terry Richardson, but I’m 18 and I like it” kinda way. Which even for a jaded traveler like myself, is unnerving.

The Larry Clark skate deck by the bed might come in handy for stripping the shelves of the menacing toys that are staring at me, including 3 Andy Warhol figurines, a Star Wars warrior, lots of Daft Punk-style bears and a bunch of 18-inch tall Mickey Mice with enormous errections…plus assorted Ian Drury and Tubes albums and a lot of hot cock photos.

Wisconsin vs. California, God’s country gets it right without God. The Better Burger, Culver’s Beats In n’ Out

There’s another regional Burger Business to pay attention to. Culver’s of Wisconsin beats California’s In-n-Out, hands down. The specialty at Culver’s is the Butterburger Double Deluxe, similar to In ‘n Out’s Double Double Animal Style. The difference in the Butterburger is the Crispy Patty; how they do it is a trade secret I’m sure but the crispy crust that gives way to the tender beef patty blows away the rubbery chew of the In ‘n Out DBL-DBL. Culver’s cheese is Sconny’s finest and the bun is a buttery cloud of not too much bread. The fries are a hearty Crinkle Cut and the Custard is INSANE, like Vanilla Butter. Culver’s does this without the creepy Jesus references in sneaky places (ever look a the bottom of an In ‘n Out cup?). Culver’s doesn’t need the extra help.

Also check out the Culvers movie. Did Clay Tarver direct this?