Tommy Keene, 1958-2017

Sending our condolences to the family, friends, musical comprades and fans of Tommy Keene, who passed away earlier this week. Tommy was one of the finest songwriters of his generation or any other, a killer guitarist and most importantly, a fantastic guy whose brought wit, humility and joy for life to every encounter. Whether you knew him thru his early membership in Washington DC’s The Razz, his solo spell as a WHFS staple in the 1980’s, his subsequent recordings for the Dolphin, Geffen and Matador labels, his tenures as a sideman or collaborator to Paul Westerberg, Robert Pollard, Sally Crewe, Adam Schmitt and Velvet Crush, or his more recent series of amazing releases for the Second Motion imprint, you know we’re talking about an irreplaceable talent.

3 thoughts on “Tommy Keene, 1958-2017”

  1. Thank you Girard from the bottom of my heart for all you did for Tommy and for providing the opportunity for a big brother to be proud of his little brother.

  2. What a great tribute, he will be missed. Any possibility of giving Isolation Party the vinyl issue it always deserved?

  3. Tommy was such a great guy and a real friend. Just saw him this summer when he was opening for Matthew Sweet. He just sent me a message on Facebook two weeks ago. I will miss him. A very humble, thoughtful and sweet man.

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