Coming May 19 : Helium – ‘Ends wIth And’ Compilation, ‘The Dirt Of Luck’ & ‘The Magic City’ Reissues

(“XXX”, directed by David Kleiler)

(photo : Stephen Apicella-Hitchcock)

“Compiling Ends with And has been like stumbling upon a long forgotten time capsule and trying to put the pieces in order. I hadn’t heard most of the songs in a very long time. I pored over hours of unlabeled cassette demos, odd test pressings, and DAT tapes.  A few of the live recordings and bonus tracks were hard to find – I knew that they existed but I had lost copies, but luckily a few kind souls had stored tapes in dusty basements and attics in various parts of the country. It’s good to know that these songs will all be in one place now.”Mary Timony

Trying to describe the creative shadow cast by Mary Timony & Helium is a fun task, but one that’s far better served by Matador FINALLY GETTING AROUND to reissuing 1995’s breakthrough ‘The Dirt Of Luck’ and 1997’s ‘The Magic City’ (coupled with the tracks from the ‘No Guitars’ EP) on LP/digital, plus a 2 LP, 19 song singles & rarities compilation, ‘Ends with And’, featuring 3 previously unreleased demo versions (“Superball”, “Ghost Car”, “Leon’s Space Song”) and one, never-before-heard composition, “Golden Bridge”. Packaging and liner notes to all of the above are pretty killer and whether you’ve been following Helium since their ascent in the Boston scene a couple of decades ago or you’ve more recently found yourself blown away by Mary’s solo work or subsequent stints in Wild Flag and Ex Hex, we’re not-so-quietly confident you need these titles on your turntable and in your head.

Preorder links to ala carte and/or bundled versions of the LP’s can be found below, and there’s an tote bag option as well.

In June, Mary has confirmed a run of East Coast and Midwest dates billed as “Mary Timony plays Helium”, and will feature members of Hospitality (Brian Bettencourt and David Christian) as her rhythm section., Tickets go on-sale tomorrow at noon, March 24th (venue links below).


‘Ends with And’ (digital preorders come with instant downloads of “XXX” and “Hole In The Ground”)
‘The Dirt Of Luck’
‘The Magic City’

‘Ends with And’ tracklisting :
1. Baby Vampire Made Me
2. XXX
3. OOO
4. Love $$$
5. Lucy
6. Termite Tree
7. Hole In The Ground
8. Magic Box
9. Superball (Demo)
10. What Institution Are You From?
11. Lucky Charm
12. #12 L’Enfant
13. I Am A Witch
14. Ghost Car (Demo)
15. Puffin Stars
16. Leon’s Space Song (Demo)
17. The Dragon #1
18. Fantastic Castle
19. Golden Bridge (Demo)


“Hole In The Ground” (via your choice of streaming service)

TOUR DATES  – “Mary Timony Plays Helium” :
Tuesday, June 6 – Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC
Wednesday, June 7 – Boot and Saddle, Philadelphia, PA
Thursday, June 8 – Northside Festival – Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY
Friday, June 9 – Mercury Lounge, New York, NY
Saturday, June 10 – The Sinclair, Boston, MA
Monday, June 12 – Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto, ON
Tuesday, June 13 – Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH
Wednesday, June 14 – Marble Bar, Detroit, MI
Thursday, June 15 – The Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL

*all tickets on sale Friday, March 24th

online :
Helium Matador page
Mary TimonyTwitter
Mary Timony Instagram

12 thoughts on “Coming May 19 : Helium – ‘Ends wIth And’ Compilation, ‘The Dirt Of Luck’ & ‘The Magic City’ Reissues”

  1. C’mon, no “American Jean”?! And because there’s no CD configuration, does the “Magic City” reissue have a proper lyric insert now instead of just tossing a CD booklet into the jacket?

  2. The “Magic City” is a gatefold now because it is a double LP, and yes, the lyrics printed are in the gatefold.

    The colored LP is indeed limited, and yes all the albums have been remastered under Mary’s close supervision.

  3. I would love to have all of the singles and rare tracks on one compilation too. Will there be cd versions? I know the cd format is no longer ‘kewl’ but give it a couple years and the cd’s are sure to have a resurgence in popularity. I’m hastagging #compactdiscnostalgia!!!

  4. why does the rarities comp only include about half of the Pirate Prude EP? come on, no “I’ll get you I mean it”?

  5. Are there any colored lps left in the bundle? It doesn’t state or show either version. Also are the black records limited also? Thanks

  6. Right on, cd is the best (especially when you run out of space in your apartment)! And “American Jean”, the song that introduced me to Helium thanks to the “Unnecessary Niceness” compilation, is certainly one of their best songs, it should have been included.

  7. Not to look a Helium gift horse in the mouth (because I am, indeed, VERY excited) but why exclude Pirate Prude as its own entity? Jeez louise, I put ‘I’ll Get You, I Mean It’ on every mix tape I made in the 1990s (only a slight exaggeration) AND I MADE A LOT OF MIX TAPES. To echo Vic Funk, excluding ‘American Jean’ seems both really odd and vaguely unconstitutional. Also, what about ‘In a Little Box’ from the Pop Narcotic compilation? Also again, I rarely write comments so imagine how much this means to me (are you imagining?).

  8. I pre-ordered the bundle but I’m also really wishing that Ends With And had “American Jean” and “I’ll Get You” included. Any way those 2 songs could be provided as a download??

  9. Helium and Matador Records will also release a brand new collection of rarities, b-sides, and unreleased demos on a 19-track double LP (with 5 bonus downloads) titled Ends With And.

    What are the 5 bonus downloads?

  10. please release pirate prude as its own thing, missing i wanna be a vampire too and i’ll get you, i mean it is tragic

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