Tomorrow Night : Yo La Tengo In Jersey City

(above : prior to Saturday’s show, Journal Square’s previous high-water mark of culture, if not independent recording)

Hey, just a reminder that Yo La Tengo’s exhaustive run of North American touring on behalf of ‘Stuff Like That There’ takes them to Jersey City’s historic Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theater tomorrow night (Saturday, April 9). Good seats still remain and by good we mean they are probably very comfortable. The promoter’s event listing promises “2 sets: one rock and the other more acoustic”, which could also be characterized as “2 sets : one rock and one less rock,”, or perhaps “2 sets : one loud and one soft,” or maybe even “2 sets : one exhibiting fearsome power, the other, showcasing the band’s more nuanced, some might say BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL side.” But hey, I’m no promoter and I fully get there’s not a ton of room on the marquee for this kind of thing.

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