“This Day In Matador History” + “What’s Up Matador” : Strolls Down Memory Lane (OR ARE YOU BEING CHASED?)

You know the old saying, “those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it?” Me neither. I have heard, however, that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Alternately, Chris Lombardi has always known the value of doing different insane things throughout the passage of time, the latest of which being his edict that we introduce, “This Day In Matador History”, a website that chronicles the label’s low, high and medium water marks from Chris’ inception of the imprint in 1989, to the present day. One of our colleagues has hopefully described the site as, “a gateway for fans of Matador (new and old) to explore the label’s archive,” but also, it’s a great way for staffs of other companies to take their eye off the ball while browsing our salute to, well, ourselves.

It’s not that Matador’s founder and co-owners have no appreciation for music history. It isn’t that we’re allergic to nostalgia. It isn’t even that we’re so obsessed with the future and/or prefer to judged on the merits of stuff that’s happening right now.

No, the sad truth of the matter is that we’ve done so much damage to our hearing and brains, that we simply don’t remember important events in Matador lore. Like you, we require assistance. Think I’m kidding? What other label of this stature would totally ignore it’s own 25th Anniversary and all the accompanying cash grab / self-congratulatory opportunities?

That’s exactly the sort of monumental gaffe that wouldn’t have gone down had we taken the time to properly chronicle Matador’s story in WEBSITE/CALENDAR FORM. 27 years in, we’re finally getting shit right. Please enjoy (and keep in mind everything we’re doing right now is 1000% better)

To coincide with the launch of this nearly 3 decades-in-the-making-website, we’re dragging our absurdist 1997 edutainment spectacular, “What’s Up Matador” out of the VHS catacombs and uploading it to YouTube. Hosted by NYC TV fixture, 4-time Emmy winner and “Morton Downey Jr. Show” executive producer Bill Boggs and directed by Chavez’ Clay Tarver, the film attempts to explain the inner workings of a lower Manhattan independent record label to an audience of small children (and thank fucking god none of their parents sued us). With special appearances by luminaries including Jon Spencer, Ira Kaplan, Liz Phair and Patrick Amory amongst others, “What’s Up Matador” is probably the most accurate document of that particular moment in the music business, surpassed only by CBS’ short-lived “Love Monkey” the Andrew Dice Clay star vehicle, “HITZ”.