VIDEO : Majical Cloudz – “Silver Car Crash”

(Devon Welsh photo by Sarah O’Driscoll)

Hi! We shot this video in Montreal with Neil Corcoran. We used his camera as well as my friend Kyle’s camera. It’s very home-made, shot quickly.
I mainly believe in videos as an expression of the artist(s) themselves, and this is the video I wanted to make. It’s not flashy or spectacular, but I think it does the mood of the band justice, which is most important to me. In any case, I made it myself so that it feels good to put it out.
– Devon Welsh

Above : Earlier today, the new video for Majical Cloudz’ “Silver Car Crash” (taken from the upcoming ‘Are You Alone’,) premiered via Paper Magazine.

Majical Cloudz are playing NYC’s Nation Sawdust on October 21. Tickets are available here.

Preorder ‘Are You Alone?’ from The Matador Store, iTunes or Amazon.

Majical Cloudz online :
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