FEBRUARY 15: EMA ‘I Wanna Destory’ at MOMA PS1

Last September, Erika M. Anderson released ‘Back To The Void‘, a Hive Zine that delved deep into the writing process of The Future’s Void in an incredibly vivid and unique way. Another expansion of the album will come with ‘I Wanna Destroy.’

I Wanna Destroy is a Virtual Reality environment built in collaboration with Portland-based developer Zach Krausnick and the software company Chroma. This virtual world uses 3D game mechanics to articulate experiences not often explored in mainstream gaming; including guilt, nostalgia, family, and transcendence. Audience members explore a changing 3D environment, while their experiences are projected before the entire audience. EMA providse a live score, working to meld semi-acoustic instruments and lyrical content into a digital world.

More information and tickets can be found here.