Coming December 2 : Yo La Tengo’s ‘Extra Painful’ 2XLP / 2XCD

“Anyone who ever said they liked our older records more than ‘Painful’, I just told them they’re wrong.”
–Ira Kaplan

(“From A Motel Six”, directed by Hal Hartley)

1994 marked a number of huge world events ; OJ Simpson emerged from football retirement to claim the headlines in a most unfortunate manner. John Starks missed somewhere in the range of 300 shots en route to the Houston Rockets defeating the New York Knicks in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. CIA officer Aldrich Ames was charged with spying for the Russians, and figure skating’s Tonya Harding put her own special spin on the phrase “lead pipe cinch”. Still, all of the above incidents are mostly forgotten in history, completely overshadowed by the prior year’s release of Yo La Tengo‘s first album for the Matador label, ‘Painful’, a record Spin’s Rob Sheffield called, “the album that keeps every promise Yo La Tengo ever made, full of ravishing, wraithlink melodies around scruffy guitars that clang around your head like sneakers in the dryer…when a bunch of weird sounds add up to a masterpiece as casually majestic as Painful, well, ‘genius’ isn’t even the word, is it?”

(“Big Day Coming”, directed by Phil Morrison)

On December 2, we’ll be reissuing this important highlight in the Yo La Tengo and Matador catalogs in deluxe double LP and double CD editions, dubbed ‘Extra Painful’, with the contents broken down as follows :


1. Big Day Coming
2. From A Motel 6
3. Double Dare
4. Superstar-Watcher
5. Nowhere Near
6. Sudden Organ
7. A Worrying Thing
8. I Was A Fool Beside You For Too Long
9. The Whole Of The Law
10. Big Day Coming
11. I Heard You Looking

Extra Painful:
1. Nowhere Near (demo)
2. From A Motel 6 (live acoustic)
3. Tunnel Vision (unreleased instrumental demo)
4. Sudden Organ (demo)
5. Smart Window (unreleased Painful session)
6. Big Day Coming (live acoustic)
7. Slow Learner (unreleased demo)
8. Double Dare (demo)
9. A Worrying Thing (demo)
10. I Heard You Looking (live)

Shaker 7″:
A: Shaker
B: For Shame Of Doing Wrong [8-Track Version – the CD single contained a different
version which is on the download coupon]


1. Double LP + 7″ + download coupon with extra tracks
2. Double CD + download coupon with extra tracks
3. Digital release is regular and bonus disc tracks, does NOT include download coupon

bonus tracks

Disc 1: The original ‘Painful’ album (not remastered)
Disc 2: ‘Extra Painful’ – the bonus tracks
7″: “Shaker” / “For Shame Of Doing Wrong” – exact reproduction of the original single
Download coupon: all the album tracks + 15 additional extra bonus tracks

Packaging: Double LP + 7″ (in picture sleeve) with ephemera, photos, reproduction of
original ‘band-aid’ sticker, the first ‘YLT Gazette’ in 14 years, liner notes by the band and semi-trusted advisers.

Disc 1: As on vinyl
Disc 2: As on vinyl
Download coupon: includes the 2 tracks from the “Shaker” 7″ as well as the 15 extra bonus tracks

Preorder the LP or CD editions today from The Matador Store
and enter to win tickets to Yo La Tengo’s 30th Anniversary shows at NYC’s Town Hall plus copies of every currently in-print Yo La Tengo LP.

Yo La Tengo live :

Sam Green & Yo La Tengo “The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller”:
10/29 State Theatre, Portland ME
10/30 Flynn Center, Burlington VT
11/07 Contemporary Arts Center, New Orleans LA
11/12 PuSh Festival, Vancouver BC

11/09 Fun Fun Fun Fest, Auditorium Shores, Austin TX

30th Anniversary Shows
12/03 Town Hall, NY NY  w/ Antietam 
12/04 Town Hall, NY NY  w/ The Feelies
12/05 9:30 Club, Washington DC  w/ Lambchop
12/06 Trocadero, Philadelphia PA  w/ Antietam

Yo La Tengo :
– band site