There is nothing like a Dane: Lower and Iceage on the radio today

Copenhagen is better-represented than usual on the nation’s airwaves today, with Lower and Iceage making near-simultaneous appearances at two of the finer college radio stations to which you could ever hope to listen (in my humble opinion).

First off, we have Lower performing live on Radio K, which at this point has to be considered only a notch or two below Prince when it comes to Minneapolis institutions. Listen online at, or on their trio of radio frequencies (770AM, 100.7FM and 104.5FM) if you live in the Twin Cities, starting at 4:30PM EDT/3:30pm CDT.

Shortly thereafter, at around 5:00PM EDT, Iceage will be waltzing into the studio at New York’s WNYU for an appearance on the always vital New Afternoon Show to talk about their just-released album, Plowing Into The Field Of Love, and spin some tunes. is the URL, 89.1FM is the frequency.