The New Pornographers ‘Brill Bruisers’ Display Contest Winners

Guest post by Matador Direct’s Emmaline McCourt:

In the weeks leading up to The New Pornographers’ Brill Bruisers, 40+ indie retail stores across the US participated in a display contest to promote the album. Using the album artwork as inspiration, designers used everything from posters to glow sticks to balloons to create inventive in-store displays. Prizes were awarded to the top three designs.

First place went to LOU’S RECORDS in Encinitas, CA. Their designer used Christmas lights, cardboard, posters, and some creative magic to construct their New Pornographers light box.

Second place went to LANDLOCKED in Bloomington, IN whose impressive window display almost perfectly mimicked the font from the Brill Bruisers album cover.

And last but not least third place went to MUSIC SAVES in Cleveland, OH who utilized myriad craft supplies including balloons, pipe cleaners, crepe paper in their display.

Congrats to the winners and a big THANK YOU to all stores who participated.