Two Iceage Shows In NYC This Weekend

Tomorrow night, May 24th, Iceage will be playing the first of two New York shows at Glasslands with Uniform opening. Tickets here.

Come Sunday, Nothing Changes will present a night at 131 Chrystie St. with special guest, Anasazi. Tickets will not be on sale in advance, $12 at the door, which opens at 10pm.

These shows are on the skirt of a short run of shows that started in LA at the Posh Isolation + (now shuttered) Church on York Danish punk festival, which also had Lower sharing the top of the bill. You can catch them playing double shows in New York next week.

Wednesday, Nothing Changes present: Lower at 131 Chrystie. No advance tickets.

Friday, Lower at The Acheron w/ Dark Blue and La Cruor. Tickets here.