What Record Store Day Means To Me (Pt. II)

It was very tempting to post Pt. 1 for the 7th year in a row, but it’s getting harder and harder to find anyone old enough to get the joke that Chris and I once worked at Empire Records. Anyhow, as you’re probably aware, tomorrow marks Record Store Day 2014, undoubtedly a hectic afternoon for our many friends in music retail — here’s hoping the staff at Best Buy manages to stay hydrated.

As for the workers and patrons at what I’m told are “independent music shops” (sounds pretty quaint, right?) it seems the event is not without controversy. On one hand, there’s the perennial complaints about flippers, price gougers and most worryingly, the difficulty actual-functioning-in-2014 bands and labels are having getting their spring titles manufactured anywhere near mid-April.   And on the other hand, there’s the opportunity for music lovers to snatch up such quality items as the Cake box set, the “Ghostbusters” 10” or a long overdue Roxette reissue.

All of that said, no matter how shitty your musical taste is where you stand on this divisive issue, it is my fervent hope we can all exercise patience and mutual understanding when we’re queued up tomorrow morning. Just understand that if you get in my way when I’m trying to grab the last copy of this record, you’re going down like Dave Brown.

9 thoughts on “What Record Store Day Means To Me (Pt. II)”

  1. I really think you guys missed a fantastic opportunity here – you could have released those SAVAGES outtakes, as a pic disc 12″ single. “Happy Talk” on one side and “Bring me Sunshine” on the other, with a great big photo of the band cracking a few jokes on each side.
    Do you need a new marketing guy over there?

  2. I picked up ole166 “The Sound of Music” by Pizzicato Five used, with the booklet and credit card still inside. Also “30 Gallon Tank +3” which should have been a Matador release. I played “Car Radio” 5 times in a row on the drive home.

    Hopefully when I get back to Pittsburgh I can still find that advance Gotobeds single.

  3. you didn’t fare badly on RSD. re : “30 Gallon Tank” — hey, don’t blame us. We wanted to put out ‘A Series Of Sneaks”.

  4. yeah, I always lamented how Spoon leaving Matador is kind of the untold tragedy of their whole Elektra debacle. It was “Telamon Bridge” and that liner note about “if you know a better songwriter than Britt Daniel send them our way” on What’s Up that first caught my attention.

    anyways, keep putting out cool stuff for the “RSD is the other 364 days of the year” crowd.

  5. RSD if fine, but it does somewhat chap my ass that I’m standing in line with people going on and on about how much they LOVE records and record stores blah blah blah. Meanwhile, come to the record store on a random Tuesday in September or whatever and see how many people are there. Certainly it’s anyone’s right to steal music off the internet 364 days a year and show up once to prove their allegiance but it’s still a bit queer in my opinion. Also tough watching the bozo in front of me buy six copies of the Poison Idea 7″, the entire stock, to flip on eBay. He even said that’s what he was going to do.

  6. around these parts, stores were meant to be enforcing a one-title-per-customer rule.

    hear ya loud and clear about people paying lip service to supporting record stores but being MIA the rest of the year. But if only a handful make a couple more visits in a calendar year, that’s a good thing. I know there’s a whole tourists vs. regulars thing, and most stores have some of each.

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