Kurt VIle – ‘It’s A Big World Out There (And I Am Scared)’ EP and ‘Waking On A Pretty Daze (Deluxe Haze)’ 2XCD Out Today

(photo by Johnny Payne)

OK, brace yourselves for a succession of Matablog posts this morning, either heralding titles out today, out a week from Friday or out the Tuesday following. We probably should’ve spaced this out a little more carefully, but we realize we’re competing with new video game consoles, Furbys, Cabbage Patch Graven-Idols and the like this Holiday season so there’s NO TIME FOR SUBTLETY.

The new Kurt Vile & The Violators 12″ EP, ‘It’s A Big World Out There (And I Am Scared)’ is out today, and the entire EP is available as a bonus CD inside the just released ‘Wakin On A Pretty Daze (Deluxe Haze)’ double CD(shown above). Kurt, who appears on tonight’s episode of “The Best Show On WFMU”, graciously provided us with the following liner notes :

delayed ep liner notes for the digi-generation:

Never Run Away (string synth):
this version was the original first single which appeared prior to official album release (only before available in the music vid)
all the tracks are different than the LP version save the drums and acoustic (vocals, electric guitar, synth = all new)
when the album came out a lot of people were askin where the synth version went, so… for the fans!

NRA Reprises:
zoned out arp synth/sequencer experiments. felt good goin down, feels great comin back. like space pop to my ears.
oh yeah, and the chords are the chorus to “never run away” that was no accident…
kv: arp odyssey synth. rob laakso: killer analog sequencer programming. vince nudo: perfect pounding drums.

Feel My Pain:
one of my favorite dark folk tunes from aways back, recorded early on in the “wakin” sessions.
we tried adding a lot of stuff to this but ended up leaving it raw because it felt the realest to me stripped down and pure.

Snowflakes Extended:
this is the full version of “snowflakes are dancing” with all the lyrics.
we faded the song out after the third verse on the LP just for the purpose of flow (one too many long songs)
but i’m proud of all the lyrics -one line of which contains the ep’s title- so i just had to bring it back…

Wedding Budz:
original blueprint of the song “air bud” recorded by violator rob laakso in an all night duo session with kv.
it’s all about the about the guitars and bass (drum machine and synth not too shabby neither)
crank in headphones and you’ll see what we mean B-)

The Ghost of Freddie Roach:
lost epic solo kv session with john agnello in philly
john brought the drum machine and played the percussion.
kv did the rest: vox, some keys, guitars (and epic slide guitar!)

“Feel My Pain” – MP3