Lou Reed, 1942-2013

As you’ve probably read elsewhere, Lou Reed passed away earlier today. It’s almost impossible to quantify the impact Lou’s music and lyrics have made on this-thing-we’re-involved-in ;  arguably, he did more to help shape the sensibilities of this label’s roster (and many others’ of course) than any other single figure.  Minds blown (repeatedly), lives changed, etc., imagining music (or New York City) without Lou Reed is something we never wanted to contemplate.   Our thoughts are with his family, friends, collaborators and everyone else listening to his records this afternoon.

3 thoughts on “Lou Reed, 1942-2013”

  1. On Sat Nov 2, Trash Flow Radio (Cincinnati OH) aired a two-hour tribute to Lou Reed with songs, stories, anecdotes, radio appearances, rarities, and remembrances of Lou. Near the end of the first hour, Matador Records recording artist Alan Licht (Lee Ranaldo & The Dust, Run On) shared his memories of interviewing Lou for The Wire zine and playing “Invisible Jukebox” with Lou afterwards. For a limited time, the whole broadcast can be downloaded, ad-free, in two parts, from here (Part One) and here (Part Two). Playlist: here.

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