Coming Late November : Yo La Tengo Vinyl Dolls + DVD Set

It occurred to us recently that we’ve not offered nearly enough Yo La Tengo items to the consumer this year, and with the assistance of the good folks at PressPop and Jim Woodring, here’s something a little more ambitious than a tote bag (no offense intended towards producers or buyers of tote bags).  Preorder the following for late November 2013 release here :

Experience the magical collaboration of Yo La Tengo and Jim Woodring.
The three band members, Ira, Georgia and James come to life as 3 original characters in the land of “the Tree!”

Present/past/future, the real/unreal, visible/invisible, sadness/joy……”the Tree” will grow, enveloping all. And the ecstatic creatures that inhabit “the Tree” are the 3 beings blessed by the god of music. The curtain has been raised for Woodring’s mysterious and psychedelic dream land. But the story has just begun……

This product is a set of DVD and 3 soft-vinyl dolls. The DVD contains an original animation (5:20 minutes) of a mind-blowing colorful dream world that centers on “the Tree” and the 3 whimsical characters. It is made by a Japanese production company that specialize in hand-drawn animation: drop. And of course, All NEW music by Yo La Tengo! The 3 colorful soft-vinyl dolls were sculpted by Japanese master sculptor: Tomohiro Yasui. Beautiful packaging design by Jim Woodring with a bonus comic on the back.

Product Details
Soft-vinyl dolls:
prototype by: Tomohiro Yasui
material: soft vinyl
height: Ira 90mm/3.54″, Georgia 90mm/3.54″, James 100mm/3.93″
articulation: neck

length: 5:20
full color
characters and storyboard by: Jim Woodring
music by: Yo La Tengo
animation production by: drop

blister pack:300mm x 300mm
3 soft-vinyl dolls
1 DVD-NTSC / region free(0)

(NOTE : the above set will be available at the merch table during Yo La Tengo’s upcoming European shows, though supplies are limited)

(art by Stephen Hunking)

“Super Kiwi” – (MP3, 192K)

We’d be remiss in failing to remind you that we’ve also got the deluxe 2XCD/digital versions of ‘Fade’ coming on November 19, along with a November 5 7″ of the previously unreleased “Super Kiwi” backed with a cover of The Beach Boys’ “A Day in the Life Of a Tree” (both songs will be on the ‘Fade’ bonus disc). (preorder ‘Fade Deluxe’ here, or the “Super Kiwi” 7″, here)

2 thoughts on “Coming Late November : Yo La Tengo Vinyl Dolls + DVD Set”

  1. So is this bonus material going to be released separately, or are we going to have to re-buy the album again already to get it? I thought this was the kind of shameless cash grab stuff that labels like Matador were supposed to be the antithesis of.

  2. You can buy the Super Kiwi 7″ and get the two songs separately. The DVD and figurines aren’t being released by Matador – they’re being released by PressPop.

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