COME – ’11:11′ Deluxe Double LP / Double CD Reissue In Stores Today


(“Submerge”, live in Offenbach)

Our 20th anniversary edition of Come’s astonishing 1993 debut, ’11:11′ is in stores today ; I’d love to show you a photo of how awesome the packaging is, but either someone has misplaced the camera in our New York office or they’re worried that you’ll be blinded by the sheer brilliance of it all. But rest assured, band + associates knocked it out of the park (or, if you deeply dislike inappropriate baseball analogies, they’ve done appropriate justice to one of the most important album in this label’s history).

Over at The Awl, Choire Sicha’s interview with Thalia Zedek touches on the band’s history, their recent reunion (clips from last week’s shows in Germany and Holland are above and below, respectively), the nutty ’90’s and Thalia’s solo work.


(“Fast Piss Blues”, live in Amsterdam)

’11:11′ is available for preorder from The Matador Store.

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