Hullabaloos, detonations, Chelsea Light Moving and Brooklyn Vegan

From the weird/cool/whoa file: on Tuesday Brooklyn Vegan correctly pointed out that, in the bio for Chelsea Light Moving’s upcoming album, Thurston Moore threatens that “the band is ready to detonate any birthday party, wedding or hullabaloo in any country, planet or stratosphere that doesn’t support right wing extremist NRA sucking bozo-ology.”

In a moment that may go down in trolling history, the comments section went ablaze with suggestions for venues, houses and parties Thurston and the band could play. Late Tuesday Thurston himself took the comments section at BV (twice!) to state that the band is indeed up to detonate some poor sap’s shebang.

Today Brooklyn Vegan returned to the story, imploring their readers for more suggestions for Thurston and CLM. So, um, I guess this is happening (really? WTF) – visit Brooklyn Vegan and make your pitch!

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