Coming May 7 : A Deluxe Reissue of Come’s- ‘Eleven : Eleven’


Way back in 1993,  when things like newsstands and magazines still existed, Entertainment Weekly’s David Browne called ‘Eleven : Eleven’, the first album from Boston’s Come, “enthralling, like watching someone howl into a rainstorm.” The album in  question was the result of a collision between Boston/New York guitarist/vocalist Thalia Zedek (formerly of Dangerous Birds, Uzi and Live Skull), Oberlin product / guitar wizard Chris Brokaw, and one of the more powerful rhythm sections of the last half century, drummer Arthur Johnson and bassist Sean O’Brien.  Despite being one of the best album in this label’s long history and one of the more memorable debut albums in an era full of ’em, ‘Eleven : Eleven’ has been out of print for far too long.   This May, however, that situation is rectified with a deluxe, double disc reissue (2XLP, 2XCD) comprising the original album plus a bonus disc featuring Come’s October 10, 1992 performance at the Vermonstress Festival.   The 2XLP edition will also include a bonus 7″, a reissue of the “Fast Piss Blues” b/w “I Got The Blues” single.

Matador will handle the North and South American release  ;   Glitterhouse will be reissuing ‘Eleven : Eleven’ in the same configurations in Europe.

After a handful of reunion shows in 2010 and 2011, Come’s original lineup will be playing selected shows later this year.   In addition, Thalia Zedek’s 5th solo album and first since 2008, ‘Via’, is being released by Thrill Jockey this March, while Chris Brokaw is currently touring the West Coast with former labelmate Jennifer O’Connor in support of his most recent solo album.

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  1. I have waited years and years for this be reissued and never thought it would be. This is wonderful news. I was lucky enough to see them tour this and still remember how they blew away the much beloved pop/punk band they opened for who shall remain unnamed. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. I’ve always thought of this record as the downward-spiraling little sister to the Stones album Sticky Fingers, it has the same tone and murk and smeary haze and feel. They take the dark-hued vibe and darkness of the song Sway and extend it out into the black void. This is great news. I can’t wait, would gladly prepay for the deluxe vinyl version right now just to make sure I catch this beauty on it’s way back out.

  2. This is fucking awesome. It is so rare that something happens on earth that makes as much sense as this. Also the Sticky Fingers comparison is dead-on. The Stones and Slint.

  3. I was lucky enough to see them in ’94, ’99, and again in Boston last year. Each time they absolutely destroyed. I too would gladly pre-order the vinyl (will it come with an mp3 or flac download code?), and hope this is just the beginning, as Come really never released an album that wasn’t an effin’ jaw-dropper. Don’t Ask, Near Life Experience, and Gently Down the Stream are all amazing. Viva Come.

  4. Is the Vermonstress show the same version as the one posted on Bradley’s Almanac years ago, or from a different tape source?

  5. Gimme, gimme, gimme! It’s damn good to see Matador reissuing one of the greatest albums of the ’90s, no make that of the bloody CENTURY.

    And I think Come is like Pink Floyd on smack, instead of huge amounts of acid. Don’t believe me? Try playing Eleven:Eleven and Animals back-to-back.

  6. Oh yeah, there’s a reason why Come reminds y’all of Sticky Fingers on Eleven:Eleven…it’s on the B-side of the single that’s gonna be part of the 2xLP thang.

  7. I just found out about this, I am so excited! Fantastic News, this is the kind of album that haunts you for life, I feel like if Zedek had been male she’d be as famous as Cobain or Vedder or Cornell or any of the household names from that era. I can’t wait!

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