Where were you in 2002? An Interpol Spotify Competition

Cast your mind back to 2002. Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez had just died, Jimmy Carter won the Nobel Peace Prize and The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers was the highest grossing movie. Meanwhile, Turn On The Bright Lights topped all the major top album lists (not least Pitchfork) and cemented it’s place as one of the albums of the decade.

To create a real sense of that time and why Turn On The Bright Lights was such an important album we’d like to create a seminal list of the best tracks of 2002.

Make a Spotify playlist of your favourite tracks from 2002 and post it as a comment to this message. The best playlist will be chosen via a heated debate in the Matador offices. The creator of the winning playlist will win a signed copy of the Turn On The Bright Lights: The 10th Anniversary Edition Double LP as well as a video of Sam Fogarino listening to their playlist. Really.

To jog your memory, here’s a little playlist showing what Matador was up to in 2002.

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