Ceremony in Mexico City Jan 12

Nostalgic for the old-school intensity of bands like Herejía, Histeria, Solución Mortal, Masacre 68, Atoxxxico, and Xenofobia? Then get with 2013 and grab a flight to Mexico City for Ceremony’s Mexican debut on January 12!

The show is at the historic cantina-slash-bullfighting museum (bueno, there’s bullfighting posters on the walls) La Faena, where apprentice bullfighters would hang out in the 50s, and now Ceremony, bullshit-fighters of Rohnert Park, will bring their brutal live show. The “faena,” or “task,” is the matador’s balletic final series of passes, one-on-one with the bull, preparing it for the kill, displaying his art, superiority, and courage in the process (metaphors with Ceremony abound).

With Monterrey’s Locus De Control, Tampico’s Depths, and local DF bands Sankinpankin, Nazareno El Violento, and the Sunny Day Real Estate-influenced En Círculos. For ticket info and more CLICK HERE.

(photo by Jimmy Fontaine)