A nice Sunday supper – roasted pepper salad and pasta with lemon and ricotta

Due to some unfortunate incidents on my trip to Europe last week, I have to be eating milder food. This meal even works for the vegetarians (sorry, not for the vegans).

The bell pepper salad couldn’t be easier – just char them all over above a gas flame, seal in a plastic bag for 10 minutes, peel, slice, sprinkle with salt, pepper and olive oil.

The pasta with lemon and ricotta is scarcely more difficult. The full recipe can be found over on food52. It calls for the best ingredients, but I used Foodtown ricotta and Earthbound Organics arugula from the supermarket and it was delicious.

You will do well to listen to Brahms’s First Piano Concerto in the recording by Clifford Curzon while eating these dishes. Obviously nobody expects you to own the SXL but maybe the Ace Of Clubs reissue? [edit: there appears to be no Ace Of Clubs version] Paying special attention to the French horn bits as always with Brahms: