Press Releases Of The Ailing Stars (Or, “Chavez Aren’t Playing ATP”)


(EDIITOR’S NOTE : the 24 hour rock news cycle isn’t kind to stories of great seriousness, but we’re hopeful the following will serve as a teaching moment of sorts for our younger readers, or the illiterate older people they hang out with. The memo below came to us via Chavez earlier today – GC)


Chavez regrets to announce cancellation of their appearance at September 23’s “I’ll Be Your Mirror” / All Tomorrow’s Parties in New York curated by Greg Dulli.

Suffering from what has been called “near lethal exhaustion” due to the band’s heavy touring schedule, guitarist Clay Tarver has checked himself into The Serenities Treatment Center outside of Mesa, Arizona.

The band’s management said only he will be receiving attention for issues he has battled for some time, and released a short statement from the famed guitarist: “I hope to catch my breath, face some demons, and come out kicking more ass than ever. You’re the best.”

Chavez asks “the number one fans in the world” to please respect Tarver’s privacy at this delicate time.

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