Yo La Tengo – “Stupid Things” 12″ / Digital EP Coming September 25

For the handful of you who haven’t already read about this forthcoming Yo La Tengo release  (LIMITED on vinyl, UNLIMITED in digital fashion) and somehow require the label’s affirmation of the EP’s existence, rest assured, the most prominent music blogs in the world didn’t get it wrong this time.   As hinted elsewhere, there’s a brand new Yo La Tengo album nearing completion, recorded this summer in Chicago, IL with the production assistance of John McEntire. All we’re willing to say on the record at this moment is that the album version of “Stupid Things” is substantially different than the earlier recording found on the new EP.  Further bean-spilling about the new album  (perhaps from us this time around) will be presented for your approval in the days and weeks ahead.  Until then, here’s our webstore blurb for “Stupid Things”, the vinyl version of which isn’t gonna be available for long. – GC

The first new music from Yo La Tengo since 2009’s Popular Songs. “Stupid Things” is a different version of a song that will be appearing on their new album coming out in 2013.

This limited-edition 12” contains the original version of “Stupid Things,” with a vocal completely different from the upcoming album version, along with a clashing, chaotic & randomly beautiful remix by EYE of the Boredoms.

The B-side contains the full original 12-minute long instrumental of the track, awash with gorgeous “Autumn Sweater” style organ and some of Ira Kaplan’s most impressivel guitar improvisations to date.

Cut at 45 RPM and housed in a heavy cardstock silkscreen sleeve, this strictly limited-edition of 1500 copies is numbered on the back and will be an essential buy for all Yo La

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