Murgh cholay

Another variant on the endless quest for the perfect chole (also called chana masala), is this Lahori dish, which combines chickpeas with yogurt-braised chicken. The recipe is courtesy of Meenal’s Kitchen. It’s fairly straightforward; I’ll just note the following:

– I used chicken thighs, bone in
– I used ghee instead of oil
– the “1/2 cup curd” in the ingredients list is yogurt – I combined with some sour cream
– dhania powder is ground coriander seed
– despite their place in the list, the chopped green chiles belong in the garnish at the end
– when she says “add dry spices” she is referring to the whole dry spices, not the ground spices. despite this, I sauted both before adding the onion-yogurt mixture

This dish is almost unbelievably delicious, pretty easy, and you can skip the chickpeas if you like.

Also, check out the comments to the recipe, someone completely insane got in there.