Perhaps Someday An Internet Search Engine Will Be Invented That Will Prevent These Misunderstandings


Last week, Patrick graciously forwarded an email from someone touting a “debut” EP from “The Fall”.  Needless to say, the recordings in question were not new works from Mark E. Smith and whatever plucky young ensemble he’s assembled, but rather, someone who thought THE FALL WAS A PRETTY GOOD NAME FOR A NEW PROJECT.

And who can argue with that logic? I mean, it worked pretty well the first time. Last time I checked, there were multiple version of Batman and Spiderman doing rather well commercially. And this is hardly without precedent.  In the past we’ve been solicited by persons representing bands called Helium and The Frogs, thoroughly oblivious to the fact we’d already released records by bands with those very same names.

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  1. I find this tough to swallow coming from a label that put out Ceremony. Virginia shoegazers with the same band name have been around longer and have done plenty of international touring. Their name could just as easily be Googled, and considering (VA-based) Ceremony were previously in Skywave with Oliver Ackermann (of A Place To Bury Strangers), it’s not like they’re lacking in cred or history. I generally love Matador, but this post seems a little hypocritical.

  2. Also, I have a very special internet filter that prevents me from ever reading about someone described as “Virginia shoegazers”. So that’s MY excuse.

  3. I’ve known about Ceremony, the Virginia shoegazers, for a good 6 years, and I’ve played with a lot of the whole Virginia, DC, Baltimore, NYC, Boston shoegaze bands they ran with. They had a really great scene circuit, and yeah Ceremony has been to Japan and such. That said, I also played with Ceremony the hardcore/postpunk band, and they are great guys, and have a lot of history and fans all over the country. When I recently played with them, the place was packed based from their history and not just because they are now on Matador. Both Ceremonys are great bands that just happen to have the same great name. I like Virginia’s Ceremony, but to be fair far more people know the punk Ceremony all over the country and world before they even signed to Matador.

    The Fall on the other hand are known legends from the 1970’s, they are one of the bands that created postpunk, Calling yourself The Fall is like calling yourself The Police. As much as I love Virgina’s Ceremony, who are a great shoegaze band, I can tell you about the punk Ceremony, those guys don’t do a lot of online surfing, they don’t even have a facebook page, they’re not a online a lot and have been rocking the Ceremony name since the mid-2000’s and truly did not know about Virginia’s Ceremony, but did have enough name power to say “We’re Ceremony” Again I like both bands, but Virginia’s Ceremony doesn’t pop up all over the place if you google the name.

    The Fall on the other hand is just so obvious. I get that someone might say “That’s an awesome name” but if another band has over 30 years of history, a true legend of a genre, it’s just completely pointless wasting money on promotion and product going around telling people “I’m The Fall”…because you are not. Ceremony vs Ceremony is a interesting conversation and debate, but The Fall vs The Fall is just obvious, The Fall is a band from Manchester England formed by Mark E Smith and the other band is totally wasting their time.

    Ceremony v Ceremony is a conversation and The Fall vs The Fall is just ridiculous, change your name or we can’t take you seriously at all. PS I didn’t proofread any of this

  4. Chaz Bono was disqualified. You have to put out at lest two albums as Ceremony to be part of the conversation, and Bono only put out one as ceremony. That and Bono is more famous for a surgery than a ceremony

    There’s only one The Fall

  5. And when she talked about The Fall, I thought she talked about the 8-bit industrial electro act…

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