Summer salad of beans, anchovies and potatoes

This is my rendition of David Tanis’s “A Summer Salad The French Might Recognize” from this week’s Times. It’s been a punishing 93 degrees today in the city and felt much hotter. The salad did the trick.

Although it looks quite simple, the prep is somewhat involved – you have to boil the potatoes with salt, thyme and bay leaf, boil the eggs (I steamed them), and boil the beans, all separately and then prepared separately before combining. And make a vinaigrette of chopped anchovy, caper, garlic, salt, pepper, mustard, white wine vinegar and olive oil – the heart of the dish. Plus chop parsley, chives and basil, and prepare extra anchovies for the garnish.

This can all be done in appropriately leisurely fashion, and ideally you’d be in a nice house on the water rather than in a Manhattan high rise while doing so.

I bought the arugula for the side-salad, and the olives, but didn’t have the energy to bring them to the table. The main salad really did hit the summer spot though.

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  1. NYC Hi-rize lifestyle ain’t no pic-nic you rapskalion. There’s no escape from the heat not even if your Kurt Russel. The time is now to show ur empathy toward the sky dwellers.

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