Cat Power – new album Sun and new song Ruin

Sun is the first album of original material from Cat Power in over six years. Chan Marshall performed and produced Sun herself in various locations including a studio she built in Malibu.

Chan introduces “Ruin” via this YouTube clip directed by Austin Conroy. You can download the MP3 via the link directly below it:

Ruin (192k mp3)

The album comes out on September 4.

Track listing:

1. Cherokee
2. Sun
3. Ruin
4. 3,6,9
5. Always On My Own
6. Real Life
7. Human Being
8. Manhattan
9. Silent Machine
10. Nothin But Time
11. Peace And Love

Produced by Chan Marshall
Mixed by Philippe Zdar

Preorder from iTunes with exclusive bonus tracks (the link will go live in your country at midnight or 1 AM your time tonight):

iTunes preorder (available this evening)

Check back later for details on a special limited vinyl edition of the album, available at your local record store.

13 thoughts on “Cat Power – new album Sun and new song Ruin”

  1. Terrific news and terrific song!
    Can we expect a special limited CD edition as well? Do you plan to add a couple extra songs on the limited edition? I’m asking because some people out there wished “Let Me Go” or “Woman of my word” made the cut. 😉

  2. Thank you very much for your answering so fast, Patrick.

    Let me make a wish: if there are additional songs on the limited edition, i wish we’ll be able to download it in FLAC format at some point. iTunes is OK but AAC files are not exactly audiophile friendly!

  3. Patrick,

    The blog that I photograph for just listed the Cat Power news on the home page if you’re interested. (

    We’re all Cat Power fans here….would love to see her back catalog on vinyl and CD be packaged with the vinyl version of ‘Sun’ as an option also.

    Can’t wait. Take care.


  4. Hello everyone,

    What Would The Community Think, The Covers Record and Jukebox are all currently available on both vinyl and CD.

    Moon Pix, You Are Free and The Greatest will be available again on vinyl THIS COMING TUESDAY.

  5. Welcome back, Chan!
    Just love to hear she says: “Argentina, Chile y México”.
    Yes, yes, come play here whenever you want!

  6. Hi Patrick, or anyone listening,

    I have two questions for you:
    1. can you recommend an European site to order the limited edition album from? Or Dutch to be more exact as that’s where I’m living. Looking to find a way to cut down on the shipping costs for the LP. Amazon hasn’t got it (yet?).
    2. are the bonus tracks on the LP the same as those bonus tracks on the itunes package?

    thanks, and I’m very much looking forward to hearing the new album! And I’m hoping she’ll be coming to tour Europe some time soon as well.


  7. Hi, I’m wondering if Chan will be touring closer to me here in New Zealand, she has toured Oz in the past = pls reply soon as if not I’m going to save up and fly to LA for the show at Palladium – its a long trip 15 hours each way and expensive so if there is no need cos she might tour closer pls let me know. Especially if LA might sell out as will need to get tickets before booking flights.

  8. Hi,

    Just wanted to know if the vinyl will be released with mp3 tracks as well – a fantastic feature by the way which I greatly appreciate!!!



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