Fava bean and dill khoresh

Another recipe from Najmieh Batmanglij’s fantastic Persian cookbook Food Of Life. A khoresh is a stew, nearly always served alongside polo (long-grain rice), which is often cooked to yield a crusty bottom called a tahdig.

Fava beans (broad beans in England) are in season right now. Above is a freshly shelled bowl of them. Another key ingredient is a large amount of fresh dill, chopped with sea salt:

Most khoreshes feature saffron as well. Use copious quantities of the best saffron you can find. It is also essential to pulverize the threads thoroughly, which is not easy. Here it is, dissolved in a mixture of rosewater and verjus (the juice of unripe grapes, added for sourness):

The tahdig, or rice crust, cut into four pie wedges:

The rest of the polo or rice (this is Tilde brand basmati from India):

And the final khoresh, which also includes chicken thighs, along with eggs added on top at the very end: