Shake The Dub Egg

Sometimes we sit around in our marketing brainstorms and wonder what we can do to pull a merch item out of an album campaign to give to our trusty local independent retailers. Often we hit it out of the park. Certain things like our Early Man Condoms or Preston School Of Industry Monsoon Ponchos were instant classics. Still some others just never really stuck, like the time we did the Pavement “Rattle(d By The Rush) Snakes” and had to deal with all of those pesky snakebite victim lawsuits or when we sent record stores envelopes full of actual “Lucky Dirt.”

So when you’ve got an album coming called Dub Egg what better to make than Dub Eggs?

The percussionally inclined of you may recognize an egg shaker when you see one, but surely you’ve never seen a Matador’d egg shaker.
So when you’re out shopping for Dub Egg – the new album from The Young – look out for these at a local indie retailer near you. They’re pretty much the best merch item we’ve made since our Bardo Pond Bongs.

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