Singles Going Home Along Update pt. V : Jesu 7″ coming in September

At the risk of beating you over the head with details about our ‘Singles Going Home Alone’ 7″ subscription series (surely you’ve got a spare head?), we’re pleased to announce that along with a just-released Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks/LA Guns battle-of-the-avatars, following upcoming SGHA singles from  OBN III’s, The Men and Wounded Lion,  7″ #5 will be a new one from JESU.

Godflesh founder J.K. Broadrick had a paw or two in a number of skull-crushing projects over the last generation, including but not limited to Final, Napalm Death, Head Of David, J2 and Greymachine, along with a cup of coffee on the Matador label with his collaboration with Kevin Martin, Techno Animal.  All of that said, the Jesu titles to date from Hydra Head, Broadrick’s own Avalanche and Calo Verde have been some of the most thrilling electric guitar records of the last decade.  If Justin’s got to blow that winning streak anywhere, why not here?

To reiterate an earlier point, if you don’t sign up for SGHA soon, you run the considerable risk of being left at the mercy of the avaricious.