Coming May 8 : The Young – ‘Dub Egg’ LP/CD/digital album

As mentioned in this space almost 8 months ago, Austin-based quartet The Young were signed to Matador last June hot on the heels of a startling debut album for Mexican Summer and a prior appearance on this label’s ‘Casual Victim Pile’ compilation.  At the time, a somewhat arrogant label functionary claimed that existing works by The Young were “only skimming the surface” of what they were capable of, and while that’s a bold prediction, I’m happy to report I WAS ONE THOUSAND PERCENT CORRECT.

On May 8, we’ll be releasing The Young’s 2nd full-length album, ‘Dub Egg’, and if ‘Voyagers Of Legend’ was a major stylistic shift from the band’s earliest singles for Criminal IQ and Super Secret, the new record bears little relation to album #1.  Guitarist/vocalist Hans Zimmerman, bassist Jason Costanszo, guitarist Kyle Edwards and drummer Ryan Maloney adjourned to an actual cabin-in-the-woods (see Hans’ notes below) and the resulting, self-produced effort is the sort of expansive, guitar masterclass (never at the expense of terrific songs, mind you) they’ve only hinted at previously.  Having yet to visit major portions of this continent since the release of ‘Voyagers’ (record industry gun-to-the-head junkets aside), we’re pretty conscious of the fact many of you reading this have neither seen nor heard The Young ; placing ‘Dub Egg’s ‘Don’t Hustle For Love” at the start of the recently released ‘Intended Play’ $2 sampler LP was one way of addressing that.  Another is the strategic leak of the album’s first song, “Livin’ Free”.

The YoungLivin’ Free (192k MP3)

(l-r : Ryan, Hans, Jason, Kyle. photo by Ben Aqua)

We did the main tracking at the isolated Creekside Cabin in Vanderpool Texas (western Bandera County).

We took a mountain of amps and guitars, 1” 16 track tape machine, loads of beer and holed up for 5 days in August. When we weren’t rolling tape we were fishing, bbqing, and playing horseshoes.

Additional recording/overdub/mixing happened at our east Austin rehearsal space/studio ‘blood and guts’ where an Otari 8 track was employed for several cuts (purchased off an old cruise ship with casual victim pile money, btw).  The album was mixed and cut to tape by me, and was the first time I’ve ever done that.

The title comes from a bizarre dream Kyle had involving the master tapes, an improvised King Tubby technique, and a soft-boiled egg.

We’ll be posting pre-order info for ‘Dub Egg’ shortly, along with information about The Young’s activities in Austin next month (those sanctioned by SXSW and otherwise). Post release North American touring is being booked as of this writing, and we’ll be sharing those dates as well.

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