Yo La Tengo’s 8 Nights of Hanukkah (2011 Edition)

(I think I heard someone backstage talking about people showing up for a gallery exhibition for all the wrong reasons!)

Tickets for Yo La Tengo’s annual Hanukkah residency at Hoboken’s Maxwell’s go on sale tomorrow at noon eastern time.  You can purchase online via Ticketfly.com or in person at Other Music (NYC) or Tunes (Hoboken).  All proceeds will be donated to a varied list of Yo La Tengo-approved charities. As has been the practice in years past, Ira, Georgia and James will be joined on these bills by an impressive array of all-star musical and comedic talent.  At the risk of siphoning some of Brooklyn Vegan’s comment traffic, feel free to make your wild guesses, but please be advised we’re not forwarding them to the band.  They’ve been planning this kind of thing for a while — they really know what they’re doing.

2 thoughts on “Yo La Tengo’s 8 Nights of Hanukkah (2011 Edition)”

  1. Allow me to light the first candle of conjecture … a one-off reunion of the original line-up of the Silver Jews: Berman, Malkmus and Nastanovich. That would be awesome.

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