Fucked Up postcard competition winners

You might remember a few weeks ago we decided we wanted more fan-mail to offer up Fucked Up goodies in exchange for a bit of participation with UK fans who went to buy David Comes To Life in any independent record store.  All they had to do was find one of the 5 character postcards, create something associated to the story of the album and send it to our London office.

After some careful deliberation (sleepless nights and a game of paper-rock-scissors), we whittled it down to a winner and a runner up. And the winners is…
(pausing for effect, in true awards style)
Bob Alderdice, for this amazing 5-postcard, 3 dimensional creation which blew us away, well done Bob – you truly surpassed our expectations!



Taking the runner up spot is Graham from Brighton, for the following postcard:

Well done to both, we’ll be in touch to arrange your prizes – and for the rest of you?  Better luck next time (though we’ll still appreciate any other cool post).

The winning store was Piccadilly Records in Manchester.  Fucked Up’s European tour starts tomorrow.

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  1. Hello. I’m Bob (the winner)’s brother. To make this even more sweet, the result was announced on Bob’s wedding day. Now I don’t want to speculate which has made him happier, but let’s just say he’s pretty chuffed all round right now!

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