UK/EU – Fucked Up “Buy Early Get Now” order update

It has now been several weeks since we released the latest, greatest Fucked Up album David Comes To Life, but for some of you in Europe who bought the “Buy Early Get Now” option we know you’re still waiting for your bonus 7″s to reach you, which we’re really very sorry about.

There’s different factors which have affected the delivery time of these reaching you, a later than expected shipping from the US manufacturer to our European distributor (Sandbag) meant we were a few days off missing the June 28th release date, which was followed by an internal error at Sandbag where they mistakenly shipped out one of the 7″s individually, followed by the rest of the (three) 7″s in another shipment.  We’ve been told by Sandbag that all orders have now shipped (on July 13th/14th) but that before they can claim the items were lost in the post (by Royal Mail) they have to allow 7 days.

This means: your records have been posted and should be on their way to you, hopefully you’ll be enjoying them right now.
But, if you still haven’t received your packages by tomorrow you can get in touch with Sandbag directly ([email protected])  to pass on your details so they can make a claim with Royal Mail. Some people on the Fucked Up Facebook group are reporting that they have started to receive their records, so they are (slowly) getting out there.

We’re very sorry for all the hassle this has caused and are looking to put it right in every way we can.


7 thoughts on “UK/EU – Fucked Up “Buy Early Get Now” order update”

  1. You can start by letting Sandbag know you’ll not be dealing with them again.
    What a shambles.
    I’ve been told many times now that the singles are on the way, that if they don’t arrive ‘tomorrow’ to give them a shout, that ‘replacements’ are being sent. Obviously all bullshit.

  2. Well I was told my records were shipped on the 27th July, it’s now the 16th August, and they haven’t arrived, i’ve been emailing sandbag at first getting no reply, ringing which then I was told they had been posted, but to wait another couple of weeks before I got in touch again if they hadn’t, did that as they still hadn’t come, then told to wait another couple of days before they can make a claim with the post office (i’ve ordered hundreds of records cd’s dvds from the web from around the world and never had anything get lost) rang today and was told that there was a good chance that they were completely out of stock of the 7″‘s and that they may have to do a refund, I was told they would ring back but no call as yet (the same when I rang last time, I was promised a phone call back, didn’t happen I had to ring them)

    I’m really p***ed off about the whole thing, I don’t see the point of me taking part in the buy early get now if I can’t get the records, they are a part of the whole story of the album, I may as well just bought the album the day it come out for all the messing around i’ve had to do to be told I might not get the whole package.


  3. Hey David, sorry to hear about all this – I’ll email you now to sort this out, we’ll find a way of getting you the records you’re missing.


  4. Cheers Stuart I got your email and have replied back. Again the promised phone call back from Sandbag never came so eventually I rang them again, was told I should check with my post office to see if they have the items, this was after being told that if they had been undelivered they would have been sent back to them. Which confused me! And the post office put a card through the door when they try to deliver and can’t.

    I’m really hoping that I might see an end to this seemingly never ending saga, all I want is my vinyl!!

  5. I’ve had nothing but problems with these guys aswell. Three weeks ago receieved 4 7″s but two copies of “Do All Words Can Do” 7″ and missing the “Remember Me” 7″. Got in touch with Sandbag, they told me to send the double 7″ back and they will replace that. Did that nearly 4 weeks ago and nothing yet despite them claiming they had sent it.

    I would believe them, but this exact problem has happened to my friend (down the recieving the same double of “Do All Words Can Do”) and he has recieved nothing as of yet…Hmm…

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