Matador Complete Discography updated

The Matador Complete Discography has been updated for the first time in four years.

Here you can find the answers to such burning questions as:

– why are there two catalog numbers for the Bailter Space “Thermos” LP?
– which early Matador Yo La Tengo single almost had different catalog numbers for its different FORMATS?
– what was the name of Matador’s promo-only hip hop compilation?
– what are Matador’s three jukebox-only 7″es?
– what Matador release contains “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”?
– what do the format number codes mean?
– how do I calculate the check digit for a Matador barcode?
– what Mammoth artist did Atlantic put on a split promotional cassette with a Matador artist (without asking us)?
– what is the 1200 series? the 8000 series? the 9000 series? the ELO series?
– what True Panther releases have come out since Matador acquired the label?

And so much more!!!

ENJOY. And collect ’em all.

Matador Complete Discography

11 thoughts on “Matador Complete Discography updated”

  1. Sneaky Matador snuck release dates for the new Girls and Perfume Genius albums in this here updated discography, as well as a release date for the deluxe Terror Twilight.

  2. So D (deleted) means that title will never be re-pressed again? Does that mean that Matador can’t re-press it for legal reasons or simply it wouldn’t make sense from a business perspective to reprint older, possibly obscure titles? Particularly I’m thinking about releases from the early years like the self titled Unsane record and things like that.

    Also what the fuck is up with the formula for the barcode? I could fill out a 1040 form faster then do one of those. Not that I plan on doing either…

  3. what’s the story with OLE-948, the pavement box? was that actually released 3 months ago or is that a misprint?

  4. what’s the story with OLE-948, the pavement box set? was that actually released 3 months ago or is that a misprint?

  5. and Pete – “deleted” means it’s been deleted from our distributors’ catalogs, which means it can’t be returned anymore (in the US and Canada, most records are sold to stores on a 100% returnable basis).

    this is different from whether the rights to a record have reverted. sometimes records are deleted because the rights have reverted to the artist or the original licensor, like the first three Superchunk albums which reverted to the band after the license period expired and have been reissued on Merge.

    but sometimes records are deleted in physical format because they aren’t selling or because there is no longer sufficient stock, and stores and distributors hate having items that get reordered constantly that they can’t fill. and labels hate getting surprise returns from stores (for credit against future purchases) on titles that stopped selling years ago.

  6. OLE-870 1 LP Tyvek — TBA X
    OLE-870 2 CD Tyvek — TBA X
    OLE-870 6 DA Tyvek — TBA X

    What happened? How closed was this to coming out? I assume this was the 2009 Siltbreeze LP, but maybe it’s a long-lost LP full of never-heard songs that are awesome.

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