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The annoying thing about these signing announcements is any presumption of gravitas ;  ask anyone who’s been through it — actually getting inked to Matador in and of itself isn’t actually a significant achievement (though there’s a mountain of legal fees over the course of time that suggests otherwise). Existing on your own terms, making mind blowing records that will be remembered for ages, that’s the kind of thing that’s worthy of celebration. And on that score, Kyle, Hans, Ryan and Jason (above, l-r) fashioned an impossible to ignore resume long before a certain New York record label (ok, this one) began stalking the fuck out of them.

Formed in 2005 by vocalist/guitarist Hans Zimmerman with the rest of the lineup in place by ’07, The Young’s early singles for Chicago’s Criminal IQ and Austin’s Super Secret were followed by an appearance on Matador’s ‘Casual Victim Pile’ compilation LP/CD. Though that modest output was hardly without merit, the subsequent full-length album on NYC’s Mexican Summer, ‘Voyagers Of Legend’ was nothing less than the underground rock revelation of 2010. “There hasn’t been a full-length this spot-on with mood and 1%’er hooks in years,” declared our good friend Andrew Earles, while the folks at prefered to drop the “P” word, insisting ‘Voyagers’ was “an implacable psychedelic rock journey.. almost cruelly evocative.”  Those fortunate enough to have seen their recent shows sharing bills with the likes of Sic Alps and Lower Dens, know all too well their recorded works to date are only skimming the surface of what these guys are capable of.   And now that we’ve put horrible, unfair pressure on them to produce, we’ll simply announce The Young have signed to Matador and shall begin recording their second album later this summer.

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  1. I used to be in a band with him when he and myself were younger! Ha! He’s made it to Matador and Mexican Summer, while I feel like I’m being stabbed by a Matador, being a Mexican in Chicago’s summer.

  2. not by us, no. The Young’s last album came out on Mexican Summer. I believe iTunes still has it. Probably some nefarious file sharing places, too, but we do not endorse such practices Though we might post something else prior to the May release of their 2nd album, one of the songs from it, “Don’t Hustle For Love” is the first selection on our $1.99 sampler LP, ‘Intended Play’

    beyond that, there’s 3 prior 7″ singles by The Young, a song on the first Casual Victim Pile comp. and assorted YouTube videos from Austins shows in poor light. Like this one ;

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