Check Out Cold Cave on Morning Becomes Eclectic Today

Courtesy of Burak Cingi (youneedtoseethese)'s flickr

Indeed, NYC synth magicians Cold Cave will help Los Angelinos get through that rough period between most recent coffee to delicious lunchtime with a 30-minute set today on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic. Tune in at 11:15AM PDT/2:15PM EDT (perhaps it will help us right-coasters with our digestion) to hear Wes Eisold and his band of keyboard warriors unleash tunes from the awesome new Cherish The Light Years under the watchful gaze and alongside the thoughtful questioning of Jason Bentley. As you’re probably well aware, KCRW can be heard at 89.9FM or can be streamed online. Cold Cave also rocks it, nighttime-stylee, tonight at The Music Box at The Henry Fonda. The show is sold out, but perhaps you know a guy who knows a guy.