Fucked Up – part two of David Comes To Life

Part two of Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life is out TODAY for Buy Early Get Now customers.

They’re getting the next 4 songs on the record in MP3, FLAC or stream according to their choice, along with PDFs of the lyrics from the booklet. Parts 3 and 4 come out tomorrow and Friday.

It’s not too late to preorder for Buy Early Get Now – not only will you get the record in early digital form, you still get the physical format of your choice along with bonus MP3s, four unreleased 7″es, a poster and more. Go to buyearlygetnow.com to find a convenient mail order source (including the Matador Store), or a brick-and-mortar retailer near you, to place your preorder.

For everyone else, the album is out June 7, and you can have a sip of the juice by checking out the four free pre-release singles.

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