Thurston Moore – A Stream Of “Circulation” Is A Mere “Like” Button Away

As we continue preparations for the May 24 release of Thurston Moore’s ‘Demolished Thoughts’ (LP/CD/digital album), Thurston’s launched an official Facebook page. Visitors willing to take the most mild of virtual loyalty pledges (ie. selecting “Like”) are rewarded with a preview of “Circulation” from the Beck-produced ‘Demolished Thoughts’.

In addition, there’s a new Thurston Twitter feed for news/info surrounding this project ;!/DemoedThoughts

6 thoughts on “Thurston Moore – A Stream Of “Circulation” Is A Mere “Like” Button Away”

  1. yes. You’ll have to go over to someone’s house who is on facebook, tie them up, listen to the Thurston song and replace all of the photo on their profile with pictures of veteran actor Ron Silver.

    Or you can just wait for the album to leak come out.

  2. DaWer – I think you are thinking of Society’s Ill’s. That was Thurston, Dave Markey, Mike Watt and some others covering all of 7 Second’s “Skins, Brains & Guts” EP. They released it as a 7″ on Ecstatic Peace. Thurston has also played in a hardcore band with some friends under the name Demolished Thoughts, but that is not this.

  3. Demolished Thoughts was the name of Thurston’s HC supergroup from SXSW last year…

    Jonah Falco
    J Mascis
    Don Fleming
    Awesome Allison

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