UK/EU BEGN Customers – If You Experienced Problems

Sometimes, as much as you try to get things ‘right’ they always come out ‘nearly there’.  Yesterday we opened orders for BEGN for the upcoming Fucked Up release of ‘David Comes To Life’ and some European customers may have experienced issues with their digital downloads.

If you are a UK or EU customer, you may have experienced problems redeeming your voucher code, thus unable to download the MP3 delights promised to you.  If this was you, we sincerely apologise.  All gremlins have now been removed from the system and regular service has resumed.  Please do not try to pay again, we’ll only keep your money.  Instead, head back to, log in, re-input your code that you received from Sandbag yesterday and you should be on your way to aural pleasure.  Please note: in the “retailer” field, enter ‘Sandbag’ (not Sandman).  Any other problems, please comment below and we’ll help you out, or refer to the help page on Sandbag.

Regards, The Management.

3 thoughts on “UK/EU BEGN Customers – If You Experienced Problems”

  1. Hey,
    So I ordered the CD BEGN edition of ‘David Comes to Life’ and tried to log in to claim the download tracks just now but, predictably, I couldn’t log in.

    I was given the message ‘Your password is not valid.
    The email address you provided is not valid.’

    I guess you guys have had loads of people asking about this, so hopefully it’s a pretty simple fix.


  2. Hey,

    No worries, got it sorted now – had to create a new account with the same email and password for some reason.

  3. Hey Paul, sorry you experienced difficulty.
    Yes unfortunately there’s a double log-in situation. EU/UK customers store is powered by Sandbag, so it means a log in on there as well as

    Sorry for the hassle.

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