Fucked Up – Buy Early Get Now LIVE plus digital single #3

As announced last week, our ninth Buy Early Get Now promotion goes live today, for the new Fucked Up album, David Comes To Life.

You can preorder NOW via mail order from the Matador Store, preorder in person or mail order from any participating retailer on this map, or if you are in the UK or Europe, from our UK store.

Wherever you preorder, you will be given a code that lets you log in to buyearlygetnow.com, where you can download your extras and early album stream/download. If you preorder physical goods, those will be available for you to pick up at the store you bought it from, or shipped to your house if you’ve mail ordered, according to the schedule below:

NOW Instant download of 5 non-album tracks plus the 3 digital singles already released
MAY 10-13 (EARLY) Full 192k album stream and high-quality album download in 4 parts, one per day
JUNE 7 (RELEASE DATE) Pick up the physical album and poster at the store you preordered from, or if you mail ordered, delivered to your door, plus a download of the Record Store Day Exclusive ‘David’s Town’ LP
JUNE 28 The 4 bonus 7″es are available for pick up / delivered to your door (or as MP3s/FLACs if you ordered the all-digital package)

In addition, we released the third single from the album (of 4), “Ship Of Fools,” today. The first 30 people to respond to a Facebook post / tweet made at noon yesterday were overnighted CDRs of the track:

Ship Of Fools (192k mp3)

Digital single #4 and last, “Queen of Hearts,” will come out on May 3.

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  1. Thanks. I love that record and need to be able to hear it away from home. There’s rips out there, but they are all terrible quality.

  2. Holiest of terrors, Batman, the non-albums tracks are incredible. I can’t wait to hear the other tracks!

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