9 thoughts on “Buy Early Get Now returns”

  1. Seems like a great way to get us pumped about that Terror Twilight reissue (finally!) coming with a bonus full reunion concert LP? 😉
    Or that upcoming Thurston Moore solo record?
    Or a Beck produced new Stephen Malkmus album?
    Guys, 2011 is shaping up to be an awesome Matador year!

  2. remember when Brighten the Corners deluxxe ed. came out and we were promised all of the extras. Then later a vinyl edition came out with even more tracks. We should have got mp3s of those with BEGN.

  3. Yeah, what Bob said pissed me off to no ends since I also went for the CD version and then had to rebuy it on vinyl.

  4. You guys went with a conservative date of first use, huh? I remember the word mark BUY EARLY GET NOW from 2007. Maybe the design came later . . . I dunno.

    Psyched about more Buy Early Get Now goodness. Favorite song from Challengers was a BEGN extra (\Go Places (Lite Mix)\).

  5. that Emotinal Trash BEGN was awesome, especially loved the bonus EP download. came here to ask – where is chan marshall aka cat power? update please?

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